Friday, February 23, 2007

Channing Tatum: 2007 Film Independent Spirit Awards Best Supporting Actor Nominee

Halleluah!!!! The Independent Spirit Awards are coming! Did you hear me? The Independent Spirit Awards are coming!

Ok normally, I would be all excited because it's Oscars weekend and I would be getting ready to live in front of my TV so I can watch E! all weekend long and see what and where all of the stars are wearing, eating, drinking and partying. This year, I'm like "Oscar, Schmascar...Bring on the Spirit Awards!!!".

Why the change of heart? Well, this year I am much more concerned about the awards show that is considered to be the ugly step cousin of the Oscars...Film Independent’s Spirit Awards!

The lunchtime show is held in a tent and not a swanky overly expensive theater and the dress code is "anything goes”. If that is not a contrast to the highly quaffed atmosphere of the Oscars where you will find staple chef Wolfgang Puck with his proverbial filet mignon and lobster dinner, then I don't know what is. Why you may ask am I all of sudden so excited about a show I did not even know existed a few weeks ago...well Channing Tatum of course!!!!

This is one Fabulous Channing Tatum Fan that is not ashamed to say I need a Channing fix and I need it bad. I am not going to count the whole X17 crapparazzi debacle. Nor do I count the January sighting of Chenna (Channing and his real-life girlfriend Jenna Dewan) at a popular deli in West Hollywood.

So the last time we saw him at a public appearance was almost 2 friggin months ago and well, that's just too dang long to go with out getting a fresh batch of drool-worthy photos of Channing hanging out with the masses. We may even be lucky enough to get some new pics of the hot couple we affectionately call Chenna!! (play sounds of the Heavens opening up)

If you’re like me and can’t get enough of this stuff, then head on over to the 2007 Film Independent Spirit Award site where you can learn more about all the nominees and movies. The live unedited show will air on Saturday February 24, 2007 on the IFC Channel.

If you cannot see the show on TV, you should definitely take a look at the Film Independent Spirit Award site, because you will be able to watch a live webcast from behind-the-scenes at the awards show!

I have not been this excited in a long time about ANYTHING! For me, its kind of like the Superbowl weekend and all I can say is that if Channing does not show up on that red carpet (or whatever they lay out in front of that awards tent), I promise you, there WILL be repercussions...and a whole lot of disappointed fans.

Most importantly, let’s all just keep our fingers crossed that Channing wins his Best Supporting Male Actor award for his riveting performance as Antonio in the indy film A Guide to Recogizing Your Saints. Read this article to see why he was nominated and why he should win. Good luck, Channing!

Stay tuned to Channing Tatum Unwrapped for a recap of all Channing related events this weekend!

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WOooo! Tomorrow! GO CHAN! GO CHENNA! I love the SPIRIT AWARDS! :P

(as I listen to "Back in the New York Groove"... so fitting)