Sunday, February 11, 2007

What's next for Channing Tatum?

Ryan Phillippe (Brandon) and Channing Tatum (Steve) in Stop-Loss

Channing Tatum has two major projects currently in post-production, Battle in Seattle and Stop-Loss (aka the Untitled Kimberly Peirce Project) . We have had a few entries on Channing Tatum Unwrapped related to Battle in Seattle, but very little on Stop-Loss.

So today's entry is dedicated to unwrapping Channing's highly anticipated movie Stop-Loss. Here is what we know so far about #38 on Ioncinema.com's film preview of the most anticipated movies of 2007:

Studio/Distributor: Paramount Pictures

Director: Kimberly Peirce

Screenwriter(s): Mark Richard, Kimberly Peirce

Ryan Phillippe, Abbie Cornish, Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Timothy Olyphant, Victor Rasuk, Rob Brown

Filming Locations:
* Austin, Texas, USA
* Lockhart, Texas, USA
* San Antonio, Texas, USA
* Morocco

Movie Release Date: 2007

Genre: War Drama

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Channing Tatum (Steve), and Rob Brown (Eyeball) in Stop-Loss

Based on a true story adapted for the screen by Peirce, "Stop-Loss" centers on decorated Iraq war hero Sgt. Brandon King (Ryan Phillippe), a soldier who makes a celebrated return to his small Texas hometown following his tour of duty and is called to duty again in Iraq through the military's "stop-loss" procedure. Brandon tries to resume the life he left behind with the help and support of his loving family, and his best friend, Steve (Channing Tatum), who served with Brandon in Iraq.

Rob Brown (Eyeball), Channing Tatum (Steve), Brian Effner (Sgt. Taylor), and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Stop-Loss

Alongside their war-time buddies, they try to make peace with civilian life. Then, against Brandon’s will, under a measure called “Stop Loss,” the Army indefinitely extends his enlistment and forces him back to Iraq. This destroys Brandon’s entire world, and sends him to one of the only people he can trust: his childhood friend's fiancĂ©e, Michele (Abbie Cornish). Michele becomes Brandon’s confidante and accomplice as he races across the U.S. – a fugitive from justice in the country he fought to protect – in search of a way out of his predicament.

It seems the Iraq war is finally working to someone’s benefit—the Moroccan film industry’s. Hollywood is churning out Middle East dramas—and Iraq is, well, Iraq—so directors are turning to Morocco to sub in for war-torn desert locations. In The Situation, Philip Haas used the capital, Rabat, as a stand-in for Baghdad. Other made-in-Morocco films include Irwin Winkler’s Home of the Brave, Paul Haggis’s upcoming The Valley of Elah, and Channing Tatum’s movie Stop-Loss. The country has also, of course, appeared in such classics as Lawrence of Arabia.

Ryan Phillippe (Brandon) and Channing Tatum (Steve)

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Wait...his original name was "Jared"? I like Steve better. He looks more like a Steve.