Wednesday, February 7, 2007

RANT OR RAVE: Channing Tatum Gets Harassed by the CRAParazzi

This is absolutely a RANT!!! So it seems that your favorite actor and mine, Channing Tatum, was out with his Stop-Loss co-star, Ryan Phillippe, Nikki Reed (a new actress that Ryan may be dating), and another friend last night at a new hotspot called Winston's. From what I can tell, it looks like they were minding their own business and trying to go home when they were attacked by the X17 CRAPazzazi.

I have no problems with credentialed paparazzi or photographers that are allowed to take pictures of celebrities at appropriate times, but I do hate, what I call, the CRAParazzi that lurk in bushes and and go through stars trash to try to get "stories" to sell to the tabloid "media".

In this case, it looks like the CRAParazzi maybe did not get enough pictures of Ryan Phillippe and his date, so they tried to create a story with Channing and his friend. X17 is saying that Channing and his friend tried to stop then from taking pictures of Ryan and the girl. The CRAParazzi then proceeded to call the police to report whatever they say Channing and his friend did to them.

Now kids, here is my question...X17's CRAParazzi don't even go to the bathroom without taking their seedy little photo and video cameras with them. If Channing and his friend did anything to them, why did they not manage to catch that part on camera?!?!?!?

In the X17 photos we see Ryan and the girl before whatever happened with Channing. Then we see video of Channing and his friend trying to calmly leave, and we see Channing calmly and politely talking to the police that the X17 CRAParazzi called. And that's it.

I would say this was a pretty bad attempt on X17's part to make something out of nothing just to get a story. Seriously, I am sure there was some star out last night showing a crotch or doing something more interesting than just leaving a restaurant. So why don't they just go find one of them and stop picking on our Channing!

You can view the video with this link: http://x17online.com/celebrities/channing_tatum/x17_xclusive_channing_tatum_dares_our_photographers_to_step_up.php

What do you think about Channing's recent run in with the CRAParazzi? Let's hear your Rant or Rave at Channing Tatum Unwrapped's discussion group on Flickr.


miguelrichardson14 said...

That sucks that he was harassed...But after watching the video, i was glad he handled himself as well as he did...if i was the friend of channing's they would of had to arrest me for what i would have done to them 4 messing with us..LOL! P.S. That was a beautiful Mustang!!!

Blog Expert said...

I was really happy that Channing showed just how mature he actually was throughout the whole episode. I think his friend may have been another Stop-Loss co-star. The guy who played the male lead in Jenna's movie 'Take the Lead'. I am not sure, but it would make sense.

Tina said...

just read the article again and i just want to say dat it really sucks for those CRAParazzi to abuse celebrities like that. this really shows that they have no respect at all for anyone... but you are right mama quishe, its a good thing that channing handled the situation very well, instead of putting up a fight ( which he would've won of course )...