Wednesday, February 28, 2007

RANT OR RAVE?: Channing Tatum's Amazing Talents
(A Professional Opinion)

If you have read this blog before, then the title pretty much gives away that this is a Rave. Since my opinion is a little biased, I figured that I would find out what true professionals (directors, actors, producers) in the industry are saying about Channing Tatum instead and let then handle the raving for once.

Here are three professional's observations on Channing's abilities as an actor after they had the priveledge of working with him on A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints:


"When Channing came to the picture the first thing I said was, 'This guy looks like a Bruce Weber model! This is a disaster. No!' I said to Trudy, 'Trudy this isn't going to work, I know he's a nice guy but it's not going to work.' Everything reeked of wrong. I'm glad I lost that argument."

"What Channing brought that was incredibly special to the role, which was a very difficult one, was this little Of Mice and Men thing where he'd break your neck [and go] 'I didn't mean to break your neck, let me fix it now.'"

"He's a great looking guy. He is also a very good actor, and a decent person too. And they go hand in hand, I've learned. Channing went for me during the making of this film from a good-looking guy to a beautiful person."


"Chan and Shia are both young actors who are immensely talented. They have this whirlwind of energy, and they're fearless too because they don't know any better, they can do anything. And I like that."

"Channing's is going to be a big star. He's a big star already. He's done a couple of movies that are terrific. The world is at his feet. It's up to him to pick the right material and stay focused on his career, there's no limit to him."


"Even though he's a big boy and sort of looks like he's a toughie, he has such a softness in his eye and a huge heart. I was very passionate that our Antonio needed to be somebody who would break your heart."

"Channing really transforms Antonio into someone that we come to love."

"I think Channing's path is set. I think he's set to be a star. He's got everything going for him. He's a good-looking young man, he can dance like Fred Astaire, he's extraordinary in the facility that he has in so many areas.
And I think he proves himself in this movie to be an extraordinary actor of great depth."

So let's recap...

Extraodinary Actor [Check]
Exceptional Dancer [Check]
Huge Heart [Check]
Very Driven and Passionate [Check]
Drop Dead Gorgoeus Looks [Quadruple Check]

So I guess all of the raves I have been giving Channing day after day on this blog have been absolutely on point. Not that I am surprised, but I hate to say I told you so... :-)

Stay tuned to Channing Tatum Unwrapped, because the movie AGTRYS is supposed to hold it's UK premiere in London tomorrow (March 1, 2007) and as usual, we will post any information and/or pictures as soon as we get it.

[Source: Wireimage]


Anna said...

awwww ^^i want my own channig tatum ( or the real one ) .. he seems so perfect ! is it possible for a human being to be HOT like hell and sweet, talented, kind, passionate.. ? i'm kinda convinced now ^^
anyway, if i wasn't already in love with Channig, this article could have make me ( is it a correct sentence ? i'm not sure... don't hesitate to make me improve my english ^^)

Anna said...

by the way... what does Channing is doing with Sting ( it's me, or he is getting hotter with the age ? ^^) ?
that's led to another question: what kind of music does Channig likes?

Blog Expert said...

Channing is with Sting in this pic, because Sting and his wife Trudy were executive producers on Channing's film "A Guide to Recognizing You Saints".