Tuesday, February 13, 2007

RANT OR RAVE?: Channing Tatum on KEVO

The site Wikipedia is probably one of the most commonly known wiki's or user updated sites out there, but I found a cool new wiki site called KEVO that has a really nice look and feel and more importantly, has a profile for Channing Tatum.

Not to mention the fact that the user community on KEVO seems to be A LOT nicer than the tyrannical, meanies that I have found all over Wikipedia. Who died and made Wikipedia users God anyway...Oh sorry. I didn't mean to get all ranty on you, this is actually a rave for KEVO . I have just had a few run ins lately with power-hungry Wikipedians and it is one of the many reasons why I am liking KEVO better than its predecessor, Wikimeania.

You are probably asking...what is KEVO? Well, KEVO is a place to gather and house all of the information about a person. This can be biographical content, images, videos, periodical content such as blog entries, external links, or whatever else you can dream up. KEVO is flexible, because it allows you to create pages of content about a person that can be an RSS feed, Wiki page or Blog page. Since each profile is controlled not by the subject person, but by the community, this site is really yours to shape into the greatest source of information.

KEVO also lets its users be more recognized for their content contributions with an editorial karma rewards system. As a registered user you can get a customized news feed that contain updates and information on just your favorite Kevo's. Then, if you want to go further you can see how you yourself or your friends rank versus truely famous people with KEVO's fame ranking system that shows you day by day how 'famous' a person is within Kevo.

Channing Tatum's KEVO profile is currently one of the most famous on the site. And we are proud to say that Channing Tatum Unwrapped is now an approved news feed for Channing's KEVO profile. Channing Tatum Unwrapped also has a user profile on KEVO, so if you join, add us as a friend.

So KEVO is yet another place that Channing Tatum fans can hangout online. Help Channing's profile to stay famous by visiting KEVO and by contributing to his profile yourself!

Click here to share your thoughts on KEVO and Wikipedia with other CTU readers on the very first ever Channing Tatum Flickr discussion group.

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