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New Channing Tatum Interview for AGTRYS at IndieLONDON

Just in time for the March 2nd premiere of A Guide to Recognising Your Saints in the UK, Jack Foley of the site IndieLondon.co.uk interviews Channing Tatum about his role in the critically-acclaimed film. Channing talks about why the role struck such a personal chord with him and how he feels about being compared to a young Marlon Brando by one critic.

Q. The character you play in A Guide To Recognising Your Saints is very different from the other roles that you’ve played. Do you prefer playing gritty characters such as Antonio?
A: With my career in general, I feel like I’m finally getting to do the roles that I’ve always wanted to do. It’s a slow build; you can’t ever get the roles that you want in the beginning of your career because you don’t have the buzz or the heat, or whatever the hell it is you need for the agents and the studios to be happy. They want you to do a little bit at a time until you get the chance to work out and do the roles that really mean something to you.

Q. Is [your character] Antonio the most closely related to you as a person?
A: Yes. I think that’s what I love about film and especially about director Dito Montiel’s life and script. He wrote real characters without any heroes. They’re deep and flawed people; in their minds they are always right. I liked the simplicity of the characters. Dito didn’t try to make anything pretty or glossy and make you root for a character. I remember I read somewhere from a critic who didn’t like the film, he said: “I didn’t really like any of these characters.” But that’s exactly the point, you don’t need to like any of the characters, as long as you can understand why and where they’re from. Why do you need to like any of the characters in the movie? That’s not how life is. You don’t like everyone that you meet.

Q. Did you ever get to meet the real Antonio, who your character is based on?
A: No! Antonio is still in prison. Dito and I talked about whether I should visit him in prison pretty extensively and for a lot of reasons. Antonio went to prison as a teenager and has never really come out of prison for any serious amount of time. Now, he’s in his mid-30s and all that prison time really changes a person.

Dito said: “I want you to read Antonio, and know Antonio from how I wrote Antonio and play him from your heart.” I had a best friend who was just like Antonio. I grew up in Florida and you don’t have to be from Astoria to have crazy friends. Basically, my best friend was just like Antonio, maybe not as crazy and absolutely dangerous but you could at least reason with the guy. I came from a place where I really wasn’t trying to be the real Antonio; I just wanted to tell the story in the script, the friendship that was there. It was written more about the story of Dito and Antonio.

These kids, in general, they don’t really know how to talk to each other. In the movie, none of us really say what we mean. The only person who says what he means is Chazz Palminteri’s character. No one ever really speaks honestly with each other. Antonio loves, but he doesn’t know how to express it.

Q. Did you know about the dynamic of Astoria and the borough of Queens before doing the movie?
A: Yes. I’ve actually lived in Queens. I lived in New York for two-and-a-half years and I actually lived in Astoria. Not the part we filmed in, but just a few blocks away for six months and then I lived in Long Island City, which is really close to Astoria. We shot in Astoria.

Basically, those steps at the end of the film where Diane Wiest and Robert Downey Jr are talking is right where Antonio used to live. We shot right where they lived and so it was pretty intense to see all the people who were being depicted actually walking around. People would see Dito and ask him: “Hey Dito, who’s playing Antonio?” I’d think: “Oh s**t, that’s me, this tall white boy from Florida!”

Q: Why did you choose Queens to live?
A: Because it was cheap! I just got in wherever I could get in. I was living out of my suitcase for a little while because I was just trying to make ends meet [while modeling].

Q. Did you read Dito’s book before you performed the role?
A: I wanted to go and get it as soon as I knew I had got the part and then I talked to Dito and he asked me not to. He didn’t want any of the actors to read the book. There is a lot of stuff that’s piecemeal and taken from other people and references applied to one character that has been added to another for the film. When you adapt a book to a film, you take all the best parts and put them into an hour and 15 minutes and have to compromise on the characters. It’s not a documentary so I tried to keep to the fictional nature by not reading the book.

Q. Do you think it is strange that the title refers to these boisterous characters as Saints?
A: No I don’t think so, everything is perspective. I think that Dito meant to do that, he really wanted to find something that was so beautiful in something that was violent and dangerous. He learned from every single one of those guys. He chose to get out. I had people in my life who were insane and negative, but they taught me how not to be, how I didn’t want to end up.

Q. One critic has likened your performance to that of a young Brando…
A: I don’t know about that. I think that the only thing that Brando and I have in common is that we’re bigger guys. How do you compare people to people? It was an unbelievable compliment, but I think it was a little far fetched.

Q. Is he an actor you admire?
A: Yes, Brando, Newman and Redford. I think that those kinds of actors are lost now. They are men who had big hearts. Of today’s people, I love the older actors like Morgan Freeman. Nowadays I think that people and actors are getting too soft in general. Audiences and critics they don’t like seeing what happens in real life. Why do you think comedies make all the money at the box office?

People want to go and laugh. I can understand that. In a time of war people want to see Will Ferrell, which is what I do. I do the same thing. I want to go see him run around and go crazy. Who wants to go see someone beat the hell out of a woman, because it’s kind of forbidden and a little bit scary. I don’t know. I like intense stuff. I really do.

Q: Were your teenage years intense?
A: I think that any teen gets into a little trouble here and there. It’s not hard to find trouble when you’re looking for it as a kid.

Q. Were you a leader or a follower?
A: I think I was somewhere in the middle. In truth, I was probably more like the Dito character in the movie. He didn’t like to lead, but in his own way Dito was more of a leader than Antonio was. Dito didn’t do anything he didn’t want to do, but Antonio wouldn’t want to do anything without Dito, so you can figure out who is the leader there. I personally don’t think you should lead out of choice; you should lead when you have no choice and someone has to step up.

Click here to read IndieLondon's review of the movie.

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Channing Tatum's Improvised Scene in AGTRYS...The Redux

I previously posted a blog entry about the infamous scene that Channing improvised and remained in the final cut of AGTRYS. Fabulous Channing Tatum Fan Miguel R. sent me a link to an article that actually details the entire incident through the eyes of the writer and director Dito Montiel. Here is the article:

A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints by writer/director Dito Montiel

Making this film was the strangest thing I’ve ever done. And I’ve done a lot of strange things. I realize now that getting a movie made requires a combination of relentless madness and basically complete and utter delusion—a sort of autopilot type of delusion. Think Sweet Pea in a Popeye cartoon, sleepwalking while construction planks position themselves just in time!

See, I wrote a book and that in itself was a bit of a ridiculous venture—a bunch of ramblings on paper that before my eyes, to me at least, began to take form, shape. One day I looked at it and said, man, this kinda looks like a book. Of course the movie was a bit more planned but not all that different.

With all this James Frey stuff going on I get asked a lot about the whole “memoir” thing. If I had actually read Frey’s book I’m sure I’d have an opinion, but my case was, well, my case. My book was about people I knew. People I loved. Maybe not then as much as I’ve come to love them now, understand them and understand myself more. Writing about anyone can be tricky. With my movie I desperately tried not to “cartoon-ize” anyone. I’ve learned that writing about anyone, with even the noblest intentions, is a bit of a contradiction in itself. As I mentioned, my book was my memory of a time and people—certainly not theirs or my autobiography. Scorsese, one of the greatest directors in the world, did a film on a guy who flew airplanes and that was a tough sell for me, so a film on me was not an option!

The way I approached the book and the film was with a scattered, rose-colored and convenient memory. I set out to simply tell a story, using my book as a landscape—an emotional bank of sorts. Whenever I needed something I’d dip back in and remember the way my childhood friend Antonio looked at me the day he got out of prison. All those years of friendship taken away from us, looking like someone who knew exactly what he wanted to say but there was no way he was ever gonna say it.

The memory of that look from Antonio haunted me during the entire movie. Channing Tatum, who plays the role of Antonio, had it down. We never even discussed it but he did. Special things can happen in moviemaking. Unexplainable things. Here’s one: On our first day of filming everyone was a bit nervous. We had no rehearsal time and the majority of the people were meeting on set. One of the first scenes we were doing was where Monty (Chazz Palminteri) has a seizure. His son Dito (Shia LaBeouf), best friend Antonio (Tatum), girlfriend Laurie (Melonie Diaz) and mother (Dianne Wiest) are all there.

Before filming Channing asked me what he could do. What are the limitations? I was like, listen man, we don’t put marks on the ground and all I know is if I was as nervous about losing a person like Monty to a seizure, well, I’d flip out and I don’t know…probably kill someone in the room, not knowing what to do with myself. Channing was like, “Okay, but I might really flip out!” I was like, not as much as I would. So we do the scene with no words for fun. I read out the lines and was curious if that might force the aggression issue a little more. Because we didn’t have to care about sound, all the actors were free to ask questions and talk out loud while filming the scene.

Next thing you know Channing is yelling to me, Dito (the director) not Shia (Dito the actor), “Dito I’m gonna f**king bug out! I’m gonna really bug out!”

I scream back, “Do what you gotta do!”

Melonie is appropriately nervous, Shia is confused and when Chazz hit the ground Channing flipped out for real! He grabbed a table and threw it through the glass door! Glass shattered all around on a barefoot Dianne Wiest, who never broke character for a second. Her blood is on the ground, everyone is screaming...crying...man, I was in heaven!

We rolled until the film ran out.

The second we cut everyone ran in, screaming at me and Channing. “What, are you people freaking nuts?!” Before I could even think to take Channing’s back, Chazz stepped right up and did it. I sat back and watched Chazz tell everyone to leave Channing alone. He’s just a kid acting out a scene. Shia looked concerned about why he wasn’t involved, Dianne was not entirely sure if this guy was dangerous or not and Melonie was shaking. I get the chills thinking about it because what I witnessed was Monty, Antonio, myself, Laurie and Flori all mixing fiction, reality, film and real life. I sat back, looked and was like, man, this is kinda startin’ to look like a good movie.

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Channing Tatum's MTV.com Interview on New Movie Battle in Seattle

Today Movie File at MTV.com published a quick interview they recently did with Channing Tatum on his new movie Battle in Seattle. Here you go...

[You've heard of Ali and Foreman's Rumble in the Jungle — now get ready for the "Battle in Seattle," a film written and directed by actor Stuart Townsend about the 1999 World Trade Organization riots. "Step Up" lead Channing Tatum will star in the film based on one of America's most incendiary political uprisings in recent history, and he said "Battle" is "very 'Crash'-esque," centering on "six or seven people and their stories going through these three days of chaos."

Tatum, who plays a SWAT officer alongside Woody Harrelson as his partner, said the film shows "what everybody went through — what the cops went through, what the kids went through, what the politicians went through. It was just nuts." At more than 40,000 people strong, the intense protest of globalization led Seattle police to eventually use tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray to clear the crowds. As a SWAT officer, then, does that make Tatum the bad guy? "That's kind of what the film's about," the 26-year-old actor said. "Everyone was right in their way, but everyone was wrong in their way too." "Battle in Seattle" hits theaters in December.

You can learn more about the movie on the new official Battle in Seattle website and at MovieSet.com to get all of the behind-the-scenes scoop.

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RANT OR RAVE?: Channing Tatum's Amazing Talents
(A Professional Opinion)

If you have read this blog before, then the title pretty much gives away that this is a Rave. Since my opinion is a little biased, I figured that I would find out what true professionals (directors, actors, producers) in the industry are saying about Channing Tatum instead and let then handle the raving for once.

Here are three professional's observations on Channing's abilities as an actor after they had the priveledge of working with him on A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints:


"When Channing came to the picture the first thing I said was, 'This guy looks like a Bruce Weber model! This is a disaster. No!' I said to Trudy, 'Trudy this isn't going to work, I know he's a nice guy but it's not going to work.' Everything reeked of wrong. I'm glad I lost that argument."

"What Channing brought that was incredibly special to the role, which was a very difficult one, was this little Of Mice and Men thing where he'd break your neck [and go] 'I didn't mean to break your neck, let me fix it now.'"

"He's a great looking guy. He is also a very good actor, and a decent person too. And they go hand in hand, I've learned. Channing went for me during the making of this film from a good-looking guy to a beautiful person."


"Chan and Shia are both young actors who are immensely talented. They have this whirlwind of energy, and they're fearless too because they don't know any better, they can do anything. And I like that."

"Channing's is going to be a big star. He's a big star already. He's done a couple of movies that are terrific. The world is at his feet. It's up to him to pick the right material and stay focused on his career, there's no limit to him."


"Even though he's a big boy and sort of looks like he's a toughie, he has such a softness in his eye and a huge heart. I was very passionate that our Antonio needed to be somebody who would break your heart."

"Channing really transforms Antonio into someone that we come to love."

"I think Channing's path is set. I think he's set to be a star. He's got everything going for him. He's a good-looking young man, he can dance like Fred Astaire, he's extraordinary in the facility that he has in so many areas.
And I think he proves himself in this movie to be an extraordinary actor of great depth."

So let's recap...

Extraodinary Actor [Check]
Exceptional Dancer [Check]
Huge Heart [Check]
Very Driven and Passionate [Check]
Drop Dead Gorgoeus Looks [Quadruple Check]

So I guess all of the raves I have been giving Channing day after day on this blog have been absolutely on point. Not that I am surprised, but I hate to say I told you so... :-)

Stay tuned to Channing Tatum Unwrapped, because the movie AGTRYS is supposed to hold it's UK premiere in London tomorrow (March 1, 2007) and as usual, we will post any information and/or pictures as soon as we get it.

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New Pictures of Channing Tatum and Girlfriend Jenna Dewan at Giorgio Armani Pre-Oscar Party

Oscar weekend is all about the pre-parties and there is nothing more A-list than the annual pre-show bash hosted by Giorgio Armani.

The legendary designer's pre-Oscar fashion show was held at gazillionaire Ron Burkle's estate on Sunday night. The evening also included a showing of the Giorgio Armani Privé Spring Summer 2007 Collection and our favorite love birds Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan.

Check out all of the pictures in the Channing Tatum Unwrapped photo gallery. All of the High Quality images are marked with an (HQ) in the title.

Channing Tatum Trivia Question of the Day

If you know the answer to the following Channing Tatum Trivia Question of the Day, just add a comment to this blog entry and show the readers your Channing smarts.

If you don't know the answer, feel free to research it on this blog or online. Here is the question:

Here is a picture of Channing Tatum at the 2006 Sundance film festival where I believe his movie A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints was first introduced to the world. I just recently found out that Channing's award-winning movie almost did not get made.

Trudie Styler (aka Sting's wife), one of the movie's producers, said that the movie was dogged with a lot bad luck, bad energy and bad people prior to being made. She also was recently quoted saying, "The movie industry is full of people who say yes, and then fall out at the last minute, along with their money, and when you lose a pot of money, the whole deck of cards comes tumbling down...". If you have seen the movie, then you are probably as grateful as I am that the producers kept trying.

How many times did the producers of Channing Tatum's movie A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints try to get the movie made before they were successful?

Where can I buy the DVD for Channing Tatum's movie A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints?

I am starting to think it's some kind of consipracy. I can't tell you how many times I have gotten this question since Channing's movie A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints came out on DVD February 20th in the US. It's almost like the movie company doesn't want us to see it or something, because the normal stores (i.e. Target, Walmart) don't have copies yet or ordered a small number of copies.

Even people in the major cities (i.e. Los Angeles - movie capital of the world) are having trouble finding it. I guess it wasn't enough that the movie had a very limited theatrical release in the US. Now they are making it just as difficult to get the movie on DVD too. What kind of backwards logic is that? I thought the goal was to make it easier for people to see the movie, not harder.

I personally bought my copies of the movie from Amazon.com. So if you have not been able to find a copy in your local stores and are impatient like me, I suggest you try to buy online from any reputable store. In case you are still on the fence on whether you should get the movie or not, you should read the glowing review of AGTRYS at MoviewWeb.com by the popular Evan "Mushy" Jacobs and then make your decision.

I have also had CTU readers from Canada and Australia ask me when or if the movie will premiere in those countries. I have heard a rumor that there is a Canadian release March 6th, but I have not gotten any information that can confirm that date. Canadians can actually buy the DVD on Amazon (Canada). Studios don't normally have theatrical releases after a DVD releases, so Canadians may have to buy the DVD to see the movie.

Australia had a limited release in November of 2006, so I will need to see when the DVD will release there. Currently, the DVD has only been released in the US, US Territories and Canada regions. I will let you know if I am able to get any definitive answers.

The only two other theatrical release dates that I know right now are the UK and Ireland on March 2nd and Italy on March 9th. If any CTU readers have information about release dates in Canada or Australia (or any country for that matter), please leave a comment here or send me an email to answers@channingtatumunwrapped.com.

As a side note, I will be posting new pictures of Channing and Jenna later today from this weekend's festivities, so stay tuned to Channing Tatum Unwrapped!! :-)

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Channing Tatum's Movie Step Up Gets Released on DVD in UK Today

This is just a friendly reminder to CTU's UK readers that you can now run out to your stores and get Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan's popular dance movie Step Up on DVD where you can watch the hot couple fall in love on screen over and over again!

His next movie, A Guide to Recognising Your Saints, will premiere in the UK on March 2nd, but Channing should hopefully attend the March 1st premiere in London. I hope you get a chance to see Channing's amazing performance in the AGTRYS, because you will not be disappointed.

Pictures of the Week by Channing Tatum's Fabulous Fan

Here is a beautiful picture of Channing Tatum and his girlfriend Jenna Dewan on the front row of the star-studded Giorgio Armani Prive fashion show held this weekend in conjunction with all of the Spirit Award and Oscar festivities.

This cool graphic was created by Fabulous Channing Tatum Fan Miguel R.. Thanks again, Miguel! Click here to download the image to use for wallpaper, icons, your MySpace pages, etc. in CTU's Flickr photo gallery. You can also check out the CTU's photo gallery for lots of other pictures taken of Chenna this past weekend at various events.

New Channing Tatum Interview at the Spirit Awards on About.com

This past weekend at the 2007 Spirit Awards Rebecca Murray of About.com interviewed Channing Tatum on the blue carpet on his way into the awards tent.

Among other things, in the quick interview we get an idea of what kind of roles Channing would like to tackle in the near future and we learn how surprised he was to receive a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the unconventional awards show that celebrates the independent movie industry.

Here is snippet of the interview...

[If you think you know Channing Tatum after watching the teen movies She's the Man and Step Up, think again. Tatum is more than a pretty face as evidenced by his role in the critically acclaimed indie drama, A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. Tatum's earned high praise for his role in Saints and even picked up a Spirit Awards nomination for Best Supporting Male.

A newcomer to award shows, Channing Tatum seemed to be taking the Spirit Awards in stride. On the blue carpet on his way into the event, Tatum stopped to talk about his transition from teen roles to more adult fare.

Why was it important for you to change up things by taking on a role in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints?
“This is always where I kind of wanted my career but you have to go through some of that other stuff to get here. Well, not here but in that film. I don’t know. That was a very personal – very, very, very personal role for me.”

What made it so personal? What did you relate to about the character?
“Antonio was basically my best friend growing up. I was more the Dito character, the more reserved guy who ended up pulling away. It was kind of like an homage to my friend.”

Did you expect all the recognition, including a Spirit Award nomination, for this?
“Absolutely not.”

How does that affect you?
“It kind of came out of left field to be honest, because I didn’t have any of this in mind. I can truly say that because this is the first award show I’ve ever been to. You do things without any expectations and good things happen, like this.”

Are you done with ‘teen’ roles?...
Click here to read more at About.com. ]

[Article Source: About.com]

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Channing Tatum's Take on the Independent Spirit Awards

If someone were to ask me why I am such a big Channing Tatum fan (other than the obvious talent and professionalism that he demostrates in all of his roles and the clear man candy quality that he exudes on a daily basis), I would without hesitation have to say I love the fact that he seems to have a great sense of humor. In the photo above, we are able to get a glimpse of his adorable ability not to take himself too seriously.

Here is a snippet of a new MTV.com article where we get to hear Channing's light-hearted take on this weekend's 2007 Film Independent Spirit Awards where he was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Antonio in the indy film A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints:

[...Some 20 feet from a row of Port-O-Potties and a stone's throw from the Pacific Ocean, the Independent Spirit Awards felt more like "a family beach party," Best Female Lead winner Shareeka Epps insisted, than an important Oscar precursor and a celebration of independent cinema.

"Everybody's just chilled out, by the beach. I mean, how uptight can you be if you can see the water?" Channing Tatum added with a laugh. "If I could have shown up here in my skivvies, I would have — some socks and a tank top."

Tatum, up for an award as Best Supporting Male, probably could have gotten away with it. Nowhere was the relaxed atmosphere more evident than in nominees' apparel, which ranged from T-shirts and jeans to ... well, open-collar button-downs and jeans. It was a style that Zach Braff called "California casual," — a far cry from your uncle's Oscars."...]

I wonder who talked him out of the skivvies idea. I'm thinking that would have been really good for ratings and not to mention how happy that would have made all of us fans. More importantly, with that kind of outfit choice, they would have had to give him some kind of award. Alan Arkin (the guy who, as far as I'm concerned, stole Channing's Best Supporting Male award at the 2007 Spirit Awards) might have even volunteered his. :-)

[Article Source: MTV.com]

DEAL OF THE DAY: Win Tickets to the UK Premiere of A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints

OMG!!!! Revolver Entertainment is offering one lucky Myspacer a pair of tickets to the London Premiere of Channing Tatum's movie A GUIDE TO RECOGNIZING YOUR SAINTS on March 1st. You will be one of the 1st to see the film and experience a star studded London Premiere!

All you have to do is place A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints in your Top 4 then send a MySpace message with your email address, simple as that! The winner will be picked randomly on Feb 28th.

Good Luck!

Channing Tatum Pictures of the Week

Each week Channing Tatum Unwrapped will post one or more of our favorite pictures of the uber hot Channing Tatum.

So Channing did not won the Spirit Award last night, and we did not get the priveledge of seeing him give his acceptance speech. In case you are as saddened as I am, I wanted to give you a little gift.

You would not believe how often people are searching for pictures of Channing Tatum shirtless on Google, Yahoo, and MSN (or maybe you would if you are one of them). So who am I to stand in the way of thousands of people...here is a shirtless picture of Mc Yummy himself at an Andrew Mackenzie fashion show a few years ago.

No need for a thank you. Here at CTU we aim to please. :-)

If you have a favorite picture that you would like us to consider, send the picture to potw@channingtatumunwrapped.com and tell us why you like it. We will post it and your explanation on the blog. If you like or don't like the picture (for some completely insane reason), let us know that too. :-)

Click here to share your thoughts about the super hot actor with other CTU readers on the very first ever Channing Tatum Flickr discussion group.

New Battle in Seattle Pictures, Official Website, and MySpace Page for Channing Tatum Fans

DID YOU KNOW?...We already have one really great source for information on Channing Tatum's movie Battle in Seattle from the movies' behind-the-scenes fan site over at MovieSet.com, but it seems that the post-production crew over at Battle in Seattle have been busy. They have finally launched the new site for the movie, have posted new pictures, and have gotten their MySpace page up. Below you will find links to everything.

We have added more photos from Channing Tatum's 2007 movie Battle in Seattle to our Channing Tatum Unwrapped photo Gallery. Click here to view all of the Battle in Seattle pictures.

Click here to view the new Battle in Seattle official website.

Click here to view Channing Tatum's profile on the new Battle in Seattle official website.

Last but not least, click here to view Battle in Seattle's official MySpace page.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Channing Tatum Pictures of the Week(end): Channing and Girlfriend Jenna Dewan

Here is a gift for anyone who just loves our couple Chenna!

I just had to post this Picture of the Week(end), because I finally found one of Channing Tatum and his beautiful girlfriend Jenna Dewan together at the 2007 Film Independent Spirt Awards today. What an attractive couple and I love their sense of style! Mostly, I love his hat!

It is my favorite picture thus far for this weekend's festivities. If we are lucky, there will be more and I will post them in the CTU photo gallery as I find them.

Leave a comment or click here to share your opinion on Channing and today's award show results with other CTU readers on the very first ever Channing Tatum Flickr discussion group.

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NEWS FLASH: Channing Tatum's 2007 Film Independent Spirit Awards Results

Let's hope this is the first of many new photos of Channing Tatum in 2007. Here is Channing on the blue carpet at the 2007 Film Independent Spirit Awards.

I am sad to say that it was just announced on the show that Channing did not win his nomination for Film Independent's Best Supporting Male for his role as Antonio in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. Instead, Alan Arkin won for his role as the drugged out grandpa in Little Miss Sunshine. Good movie, but Alan is definitely no Channing. :-(

It sucks that he didn't win, because I would have loved to see him make his acceptance speech for winning a well-deserved award. But the loss was numbed by the fact that he was sitting next to...you guessed it...JENNA at the table!!!! And she looked absolutely gorgeous!!! Yes the wonderful Chenna is in full effect and obviously going strong. At least for me, that made up for everything!

So here's my question...both Channing and Jenna have what look like wedding bands on on their left ring fingers. Could the engagement or marriage rumors be true? I think it would be so awesome if they were engaged or married! Speaking as a person who married my highschool sweetheart at 21 (we've have been together for 16 years and married for almost ten), I think Chenna would make such a cute married couple. And don't get me started on how adorable the kids would be! (OK maybe that's going a little to far, but you get my point.)

Anyway...Obviously the love of the good man does a woman good, because Jenna looked radiant.

Click here to see a picture of the extremely stylish and attractive couple together at the awards.

Also, I have already started adding photos of Channing and Jenna at the Spirit Awards in our photo gallery. Click here to check out all of the photos! I will continue to add photos to the gallery and hopefully we will be seeing Channing soon at the premiere of A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints in the UK on or before March 2nd.

As usual, stay tuned to CTU for up-to-the-minute news on Channing Tatum!

Leave a comment or click here to share your opinion on Channing's award loss with other CTU readers on the very first ever Channing Tatum Flickr discussion group.

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NEWS FLASH: See Spirit Awards Red Carpet Arrivals Live and Watch Show Rebroadcast

As you know, the 2007 Film Independent Spirit Awards will be broadcast live on IFC today, February 24th at 5pm ET/2pm PT, but in my previous article, I forget to remind you to catch the Red Carpet Arrivals show on their sister network Women's Entertainment (WE) at 4:30pm ET/1:30pm PT.

Since almost everyone in the US with regular cable has WE, most people may actually be able to see the stars arrivals (hopefully that includes Channing Tatum).

Don't have the IFC channel? Never fear -- the Spirit Awards show will also be rebroadcast in edited form on AMC at 10pm ET/PT.

Sorry for the late notice, but I figure something is better than nothing.

Channing Tatum Pictures of the Week

On a day where us fans may receive the gift of seeing Channing Tatum after a long drought, I guess it is appropriate that all of the article topics so far today are totally inspired by Channing's fans.

Today's POTW is brought to you by Fabulous Channing Tatum Fan Christopher F.. Here is what he has to say about our favorite actor/ex-model in this picture that made the fan hyperventilate after laying eyes on it:

"This is what I have to say about this picture of him...He's so hoooooooooot in
it. But he's more than looks, he has the whole package. Jenna is a lucky girl lol!!!!!"

Even before seeing this picture, I know a lot of Channing's fans wish they were Jenna. After seeing this picture, ALL of Channing's fans wish they were Jenna. As Christopher F. so eloquently put it, Channing is pure "MC YUMMY" in this smokin' hot photo. It really should be illegal to look this good.

If you have a favorite picture that you would like us to consider, send us the picture and tell us why you like it. We will post it and your explanation on the blog. If you like or don't like the picture (for some completely insane reason), let us know that too. :-)

Channing Tatum Video of the Week: Fabulous Fan Video

Each week Channing Tatum Unwrapped is going to post our favorite Channing Tatum fan videos, interviews, and/or movie clips from our YouTube playlist.

I write this blog, but I truly feel that it belongs to all of you gals and guys. So I am always happy when any of you send me stuff to post on the blog.

Needless to say, I was extremely happy to receive this awesome Channing fan video created by Fabulous Channing Tatum Fan, Miguel R., yesterday. Although he says he is new at this video creation thing, I don't believe him. I love the song he chose and I think he has a clip of every favorite scene I have in Step Up, Coach Carter, She's the Man, and A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.

I absolutely love the video and I think you will too. Thanks again Miguel for sending it my way. It's Channing Tatum fans like you that make this blog what it is. Keep up the great work!

If you have a favorite video that you would like us to consider, send us the YouTube link and an short explanation. We will post it and your explanation on the blog.

[Video Source: Channing Tatum Unwrapped YouTube Video Playlist]

Friday, February 23, 2007

Channing Tatum: 2007 Film Independent Spirit Awards Best Supporting Actor Nominee

Halleluah!!!! The Independent Spirit Awards are coming! Did you hear me? The Independent Spirit Awards are coming!

Ok normally, I would be all excited because it's Oscars weekend and I would be getting ready to live in front of my TV so I can watch E! all weekend long and see what and where all of the stars are wearing, eating, drinking and partying. This year, I'm like "Oscar, Schmascar...Bring on the Spirit Awards!!!".

Why the change of heart? Well, this year I am much more concerned about the awards show that is considered to be the ugly step cousin of the Oscars...Film Independent’s Spirit Awards!

The lunchtime show is held in a tent and not a swanky overly expensive theater and the dress code is "anything goes”. If that is not a contrast to the highly quaffed atmosphere of the Oscars where you will find staple chef Wolfgang Puck with his proverbial filet mignon and lobster dinner, then I don't know what is. Why you may ask am I all of sudden so excited about a show I did not even know existed a few weeks ago...well Channing Tatum of course!!!!

This is one Fabulous Channing Tatum Fan that is not ashamed to say I need a Channing fix and I need it bad. I am not going to count the whole X17 crapparazzi debacle. Nor do I count the January sighting of Chenna (Channing and his real-life girlfriend Jenna Dewan) at a popular deli in West Hollywood.

So the last time we saw him at a public appearance was almost 2 friggin months ago and well, that's just too dang long to go with out getting a fresh batch of drool-worthy photos of Channing hanging out with the masses. We may even be lucky enough to get some new pics of the hot couple we affectionately call Chenna!! (play sounds of the Heavens opening up)

If you’re like me and can’t get enough of this stuff, then head on over to the 2007 Film Independent Spirit Award site where you can learn more about all the nominees and movies. The live unedited show will air on Saturday February 24, 2007 on the IFC Channel.

If you cannot see the show on TV, you should definitely take a look at the Film Independent Spirit Award site, because you will be able to watch a live webcast from behind-the-scenes at the awards show!

I have not been this excited in a long time about ANYTHING! For me, its kind of like the Superbowl weekend and all I can say is that if Channing does not show up on that red carpet (or whatever they lay out in front of that awards tent), I promise you, there WILL be repercussions...and a whole lot of disappointed fans.

Most importantly, let’s all just keep our fingers crossed that Channing wins his Best Supporting Male Actor award for his riveting performance as Antonio in the indy film A Guide to Recogizing Your Saints. Read this article to see why he was nominated and why he should win. Good luck, Channing!

Stay tuned to Channing Tatum Unwrapped for a recap of all Channing related events this weekend!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

NEWS FLASH: New Channing Tatum Photos from Battle in Seattle on MovieSet.com

As promised, Movieset.com has added even more production stills of Channing Tatum and his movie Battle in Seattle to their site.

You can also view all of Channing's Battle in Seattle photos in our photo gallery.

Channing Tatum's Movie She's the Man Premieres on Cinemax in the US This Week

AS SEEN ON TV...If you love Channing Tatum and his previously rumored love interest, Amanda Bynes', hilarious movie She's the Man like I do, then you are in luck.

The movie will be premiering on Cinemax in the US this Saturday night (February 24, 2007) and will be airing more times than I can begin to detail on one blog post on the popular movie channel from now on.

Click here to get all of the dates and showtimes.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

UK Channing Tatum Fans: Enter to Win Step Up DVD & Signed Channing Tatum Poster

Although it is hard to pick, I think that Channing Tatum's movie Step Up is probably my favorite out of all of the movies he has done thus far.

To promote the February 26, 2007 UK release of the DVD of Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan's infectious dance movie Step Up, the UK site Popcorn.co.uk has announced a contest drawing where UK fans can win a free copy of movie and a movie poster signed by Channing Tatum himself.

Their First Prize Winner will get a Step Up DVD plus the signed poster of Channing Tatum! Four second prizes winners will each get a free copy of the DVD!

If you are a resident of the UK and want a chance to win this prize, click here to enter the contest by the February 26, 2007 deadline.

Channing Tatum Pictures of the Week: A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints DVD

I know that we have already had a POTW entry for today, but I just wanted to post this beautiful photo of Channing Tatum in a scene in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. Also, below you will see a scan of the cover of the DVD.

Channing's photo on the back of the cover must have been taken after they finished filming. He sports longer locks in the entire movie, but has his signature shaved head on the back cover of the DVD. I personally prefer the shaved head look for Channing, but he looks hot either way, so you won't hear any complaints from me.

Here is the DVD cover:

Click here to view all of the AGTRYS photos in the Channing Tatum Unwrapped Flickr photo gallery.

Channing Tatum Pictures of the Week

Today's POTW is brought to you by yet another Fabulous Channing Tatum Fan.

Here is what Christopher F. has to say about Channing in this picture taken last year when he and Jenna Dewan attended a press conference in Rome, Italy to promote their movie Step Up.

"So I chose this picture becuz everytime I look at it it makes dream of him. I just get lost in his eyes and I think that yall are thinking the same thing as me!!!!!! Thank u for ur awsome site. U guys rock! - Much Love, Me"

Thanks for sending this photo. As far as I am concerned, who cares about Patrick Dempsey, Channing is the original "McDreamy". I can't ever get enough of those gorgeous green eyes.

If you have a favorite picture that you would like us to consider, send us the picture and tell us why you like it. We will post it and your explanation on the blog. If you like or don't like the picture (for some completely insane reason), let us know that too. :-)

MovieSet.com Says Channing Tatum Fans Rule!!!

Clay over at MovieSet.com has posted an article on their new blog that talks about why Channing Tatum has the best fans!

Here is what he has to say about all of us:

"The cool part about my experience with Channing Tatum is that nothing I have heard about him has come from official sources. Instead, everything I know about the guy has come from fan-based websites and blogs. The ones I’ve had the most contact with are channingtatum.org and channingtatumunwrapped.blogspot.com. These fans are dedicated, true supporters. They scour sources for everything Channing and are ecstatic when they find new content. And yes, they’ve been extremely supportive of what we’re doing at MovieSet, but that’s in large part due to the fact that we’ve helped fuel their commitment to Channing.

The reason I find this so interesting is because it illustrates how much power consumers have in this age - especially in the entertainment industry. The Channing Tatum phenomenon (yes you can use that term if you’d like) is all based on user participation, similar to the recent popularity of user-generated advertising. The term brand communities has been around for a long time and relates to groups of people that come together to celebrate a product. Now we’re getting to see how communities can form and proliferate around individual people - celebrity communities if you will.

The one thing I can’t figure out in all of this is why his publicity people haven’t become more involved with these supporters - he doesn’t even have an official website. Of course at this point, he might not need to set one up, but his publicity people could proactively get behind these fan sites and supply information and content more than they seem to do.

Channing Tatum, you are a very fortunate person. Now I need to go figure out how to get people to make fan-based websites about me and start an All I Want for Christmas is Clay Facebook group with 15,000 members
[a reference to Dave's huge Channing Fan group on Facebook called All I want for Christmas is Channing Tatum!]."

Check out MovieSet.com's blog to read the rest of the article and other articles from the #1 source for behind-the-scenes Battle in Seattle information.

On a side note: As you know, Channing Tatum is pretty easy on the eyes, so that fact alone makes being a huge fan a no-brainer, as they say. More importantly, he is also an amazing actor. I just finished watching Channing's powerful performance in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, and I now truly understand why the critics have praised him so much. If you have not seen it yet, you really need to. You will see Channing in a new light and probably love him even more.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Channing Tatum's Movie Coach Carter Airing in the US and the UK

AS SEEN ON TV...Here is a picture of Channing Tatum in his 2005 dramatic film Coach Carter.

Coach Carter will be playing in the US on Wednesday February 21, 2007 at 3:45pm on The Movie Channel (TMC).

The movie will also be playing in the UK this week and next week. Here are the times, dates, and channels:

* Starting: 20:00 on Friday 23rd February. Showing on Sky Movies 3.

* Starting: 11:05 on Tuesday 27th February. Showing on Sky Movies 9.

* Starting: 11:05 on Tuesday 27th February. Showing on Sky Movies 9 HD.

* Starting: 18:30 on Tuesday 27th February. Showing on Sky Movies 9.

* Starting: 18:30 on Tuesday 27th February. Showing on Sky Movies 9 HD.

* Starting: 20:00 on Monday 5th March. Showing on Sky Movies 3.

CTU NEWS: Channing Tatum Unwrapped AGTRYS Free DVD Contest Winner

I would like to thank CTU readers for entering the Channing Tatum Unwrapped A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints Free DVD drawing.

It is now my pleasure to announce that (drumroll please)...Fabulous Channing Tatum Fan Alex Macias has won the FREE DVD of Channing Tatum's movie A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints that just released on DVD TODAY!

Congrats to Alex! You will have your very own free copy of the AGTRYS DVD very soon, and thanks for reading the blog! You can thank my gorgeous husband (brownie points) for this award, because he chose your number for the drawing.

Didn't win the prize this time? No worries. We had an overwhelming response to the contest, so stay tuned to Channing Tatum Unwrapped and we will be announcing our next give away very soon.

In the mean time, support Channing and go out and buy or rent A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints TODAY!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Channing Tatum Pictures of the Week

Each week Channing Tatum Unwrapped will post one or more of our favorite pictures of the uber hot Channing Tatum.

Here is another picture of Channing Tatum modeling a few years ago. I think that he looks gorgeous in anything, but I really love his black and white photos. I think they accentuate his perfectly chiseled features even more.

If you have a favorite picture that you would like us to consider, send us the picture and tell us why you like it. We will post it and your explanation on the blog. If you like or don't like the picture (for some completely insane reason), let us know that too. :-)

CTU NEWS: Channing Tatum Unwrapped AGTRYS DVD Giveaway Entry Deadline Today

I am so excited, because Channing Tatum's movie A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints is coming out on DVD tomorrow, February 20, 2007!

Channing Tatum Unwrapped appreciates our readers, so I just want to remind you that CTU is giving away a FREE copy of A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints to one lucky blog reader tomorrow! Today is the last day that you can send an email to contest@channingtatumunwrapped.com to enter the drawing.

The DVD winner will be announced on the blog tomorrow. Good luck!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

CTU NEWS: Free Channing Tatum Unwrapped Wallpapers, Icons, Myspace Layout Images and More

Are you one of Channing Tatum's Fabulous Fans? Then you will like a new set of graphics we have added to our Channing Tatum Unwrapped Flickr Photo Gallery. We created a few Channing Tatum graphics that you guys can use as wallpapers, icons, MySpace profile layout images or whatever else you would want to do with them.

Here are a couple examples of photo collages we created that show some of the Channing Tatum pictures we have in our Flickr gallery:

Click here to view the new graphics in the Channing Tatum Unwrapped photo gallery!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

DEAL OF THE DAY: See Channing Tatum in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints for Free at a Special UK Preview Screening

Do you want to meet the writer/director and see Channing Tatum's movie A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints for free before the movie actually releases in the UK on March 2nd? I found this deal on HotUKDeals.com:

Popbitch and Revolver Entertainment wants to invite you to a special preview screening of A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints with award-winning writer and director Dito Montiel.

Cinema: Odeon Covent Garden
Date: Monday 26th February 2007
Time: 6pm for 6:30pm Start
Expires: February 26, 2007

Act fast and click here to order your free tickets before they are all reserved.

Channing Tatum Reads Scripts in the Tub ...Yet Another Reason to Love AGTRYS

DID YOU KNOW?...It's not like I needed another reason to love Channing or his movie A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints and I have to say that the mental picture of seeing him reading his script as he lounges in the tub naked drives me to complete distraction. Although we will probably never get the opportunity to share a tub with Channing, luckily for us it seems that the shirtless clause he has in his movie contracts carries over to his interviews too. :-D

In the above interview, we actually learn some really cool things about Channing and his role of Antonio in AGTRYS. Here's a recap:

1) He reads scripts in the bath tub. (I am now checking to see how I can officially be changed into a script. I'll let you know what I find out.)

2) He had a real love for the character and the script, because it made him both laugh and cry while he was reading it...in the bath tub. :-)

3) Although he played dysfunctional and dangerous, Antonio in the movie, he feels that he really is more like the main character Dito, but he has had friends in the past that were self-destructive like Antonio.

Here is what the writer and director, Dito Montiel, had to say about Channing's portrayal of Antonio in an exclusive interview with LittleWhiteLies.co.uk:

"LWL- How did you go about casting the film and what did each actor bring to their role?

Dito - Well it's not just my choices (in the film), but the actor's choices as well. You know, Channing (Tatum) looks nothing like my friend Antonio and when Channing showed up it was terrifying to me, I was like "no way, this guy's from Alabama" He's six foot tall, blue eyes blonde hair, I don't know how much further you could get from my the guy I grew up with, but he brought a quality to that role and a connection that, I don't think he even meant to, and at the end of the day he was closer to the person that I remembered than even I wrote..."

Yet another person talking about Channing's ability to connect with or become his character. I can't wait for the movie to come out on DVD on Tuesday!

Friday, February 16, 2007

CTU SNEAK PEEK: New Channing Tatum Pictures on MovieSet.com for Battle in Seattle

I absolutely always love writing this blog, but it's days like this when I feel like a kid in a candy store.

I thought I was happy when I find out that Channing had signed on for his new action film, but now I know true happiness....here is a wonderful gift sent to me by my awesome friend Clay over at MovieSet.com.

As you can see, this is a gorgeous new still of Channing Tatum in his upcoming movie Battle in Seattle that should have it's theatrical release some time later this year.

Here are my thoughts on this photo...I am pretty sure it is a requirement in Channing's contracts that he go shirtless at some point in almost every movie he is in. My questions is: is Channing naked in this picture? I can't wait to see the movie so I can figure it out. :-)

This is a Channing Tatum Unwrapped Sneak Peak, because Clay told me that MovieSet.com will be posting more stills of Channing in the photo gallery on their site very soon, so stay tuned to Channing Tatum Unwrapped and MovieSet.com to get the latest behind-the-scenes scoop on Channing and Battle in Seattle.

Oh and one more thing, MovieSet.com has a new blog that you should also check out at http://blogs.movieset.com.

Click here to share your thoughts on Channing with other CTU readers on the very first ever Channing Tatum Flickr discussion group.

NEWS FLASH: Channing Tatum to Play an Undercover Policeman in Brand New Film

Looks like we are going to be seeing even more of Channing Tatum on the big screen. Wednesday was another good day for him and his career, because New Line Cinema decided to fast-track an untitled action film starring Channing as an undercover policeman.

Variety says the story centers on a renegade New York City cop who must infiltrate the underground world of free running, known as Parkour, to bust a seemingly unstoppable gang of bank robbers.

Parkour is an extraordinarily athletic sport/hobby where a person has to traverse a landscape and obstacles by leaping and bounding around fearlessly. Although I am sure he can handle it, let's just hope Channing has a stunt double.

How cool is that? Hollywood clearly sees Channing's box office appeal, which is like music to my ears.

Now what is an action hero without a hot leading lady? If you were the casting agent for this movie, what Hollywood starlet would you want to play Channing's love interest? Click here to share your choices with other CTU readers on the very first ever Channing Tatum Flickr discussion group.

Congrats Chan!

Channing Tatum's Movie Coach Carter Airing on TMC Tonight

Here is a picture of Channing Tatum taken at the Coach Carter premiere when the movie was originally released in 2005.

Coach Carter will re-air in the US on The Movie Channel (TMC) tonight at 7:30pm ET/PT. Check the TMC website to get more information.

NEWS FLASH: A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints UK Fan Clubnight Details

UK AGTRYS FANS: Sorry for the delay in getting the details to you, but I now have all of the information for the SAINTS Clubnights that are going to be held to promote the March 2nd premiere of Channing Tatum's movie A Guide to Recognizng Your Saints.

Dito Montiel’s directorial debut ‘A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints’ is a powerful coming-of-age story based on Dito’s own experiences & memoirs growing up in the tough neighbourhood of Astoria, Queens, New York in 1986.

Set against an electric ‘80s soundtrack and exuding the rawness and authenticity of the classic movies ‘Mean Streets’ and ‘Stand By Me’, Montiel explores how he came out unscathed, while his friends ended up either dead, junkies or in prison.

The movie promoters would like fans to join up to their street team!! They have promotional packs full of posters, stickers and postcards to send out to any team members who wants to get involved by doing promo around their area (school, college, bars/student unions, work, town centre, cinemas etc). Email them at info@revolvergroup.com with your postal address and they will send you a SAINTS promo pack. PLUS they are giving away a signed copy of the book version for EVERYONE who takes part!

On top of that, they have a whole range of AWESOME prizes to dish out including:

Here is the list of February and March SAINTS clubnights that fans can attend over the next few weeks:



Teenspirit @ Pop Factory, Porth (U18)

Teenspirit @ Tom's, Pontypridd (U18)

Teenspirit @ the Point, Cardiff (U18)

Teenspirit @ TJs, Newport (U18)

Propaganda @ Panache, Bristol

Tuned @ Rock City, Nottingham

Ramshackle @ Academy, Bristol

Catfight @ Barfly, Birmingham

Purgatory @ An Cruiscin Lan, Cork

Drop @ Corporation, Sheffield

Rock @ Mean Fiddler, London

Phuct @ Bierkeller, Bristol

Ramshackle @ Academy, Birmingham

Cheesy Pop @ QMU, Glasgow

The Egg @ Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh

Rock Bottom @ Jillys Rockworld (U18)

K-Corp @ Corporation, Sheffield (U18)

Voodoo @ Cathouse, Glasgow (U18)

Subculture @ Academy, Birmingham

Rockscene @ Tufnell Park Dome, London

Sonic Boom @ Leisure Centre, Altrincham

Alternative U18s @ Rock City, Nottingham (U18)

Spank @ Cathouse, Glasgow (U18)

Space Cadets @ Purple @ Turtle, Reading

Fez @ Fez, Reading

Retribution @ QMU, Glasgow

Beautiful People @ Metro, London

NASIN @ Camden Underworld, London

Teenspirit @ Lave / Ignite, Bridgend (U18)


Hard Drive @ JBs, Dudley

Cheapskates @ Jilly's Rockworld,Manchester

Distortion @ Comrades, Ormskirk

Indiependance @ Black Sheep Bar, Croyden

Wakizashi @ Electroworkz, London

Bogiez @ The Point, Cardiff

Rock Kitchen @ MET Student Union, Manchester

Subverse @ Camden Underworld, London

Click here to see the new AGTRYS photos we have added to our photo gallery!

DEAL OF THE DAY: See A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints for Free in the UK

The Fopp Film Club, in association with LittleWhiteLies magazine, is offering free screenings of Channing Tatum's movie A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints in the UK. The next screening is on February 20, 2007 at 7:00PM.

Think of Fopp Film Club as your chance to escape the madness of central London, grab a beer (or glass of wine) and watch great movies. They say you should expect exclusive screenings, much-loved classics and maybe even the odd special guest or two.

Fopp Film Club is proud to announce a free screening of A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints, released in cinemas nationwide from March 2. It’s free to get in, all you have to do is rock up on the day, but get there early doors to make sure you don’t miss it. Wristbands were already handed out from stores on the Monday and Tuesday for anyone who wanted a guaranteed place. Here are the locations:

* Fopp, 220-224 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 7PZ
* Fopp, Unit 5-10 Westgate Buildings, Bath, BA1 1EB

Click here to get more information on the event.

Click here to see the new AGTRYS photos we have added to our photo gallery!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Channing Tatum Pictures of the Week

Each week Channing Tatum Unwrapped will post one or more of our favorite pictures of the uber hot Channing Tatum.

Today's POTW is brought to you by yet another Fabulous Channing Tatum Fan. Here is what Miguel R. has to say about Channing in this still from his movie A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, "Well I picked this picture not because it's my favorite, my favorite has already been posted, but to show that people will fall in love with him no matter what he wears or how many cuts and bruises he has. In my opinion, if someone else looked like Channing does in this picture, gurlz would just turn the other way, maybe run away if that other someone was holding a bat. But many gurlz still went crazy for Channing when I showed them this picture."

I completely agree with his observation. Channing does seem to have an effect on people no matter how he looks, what he wears, or what he does. With that ability, we don't have to wonder why he is taking Hollywood by storm.

If you have a favorite picture that you would like us to consider, send us the picture and tell us why you like it. We will post it and your explanation on the blog. If you like or don't like the picture (for some completely insane reason), let us know that too. :-)

Channing Tatum Videos of the Week

As you may already know, Channing Tatum was nominated for Best Supporting Male Actor of Film Independent's 2007 Spirit Awards for his gritty role as Antonio in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints. The movie that is released on DVD in the US on February 20th and has it's theatrical release in the UK and Ireland on Match 2nd, has also received a Best First Screenplay and a Best Supporting Female nomination from this year's Spirit Awards.

Only members of Film Independent can vote for the annual Spirit Awards and searching online I found one member who mentioned in his blog that he has already voted for Channing. Let's hope that trend continues and carries him all the way to the Spirit Award's stage as he accepts his well-diserved award. Once you view the video above, I am sure that you will agree. The awards show will air on IFC on February 24, 2007.

What do you think about Channing Tatum's performance in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints? Click here to share your thoughts with other CTU readers on the very first ever Channing Tatum Flickr discussion group.