Thursday, July 5, 2007

Moviefone.com Says Channing Tatum is One of Hollywood's Next Big Things

Not like Channing's fans needed anyone to tell us, but Moviefone.com has declared Channing Tatum as one the next big things in Hollywood. And yet again, it seems that Channing is being compared to fellow uber hottie Brad Pitt.

In a previous article on CTU, another media outlet felt that Channing was a suitable replacement for Brad, so this is not really a surprise. You can see below why Moviefone.com is now comparing the two talented, gorgeous, and undoubtedly sexy stars.
Here's the Moviefone.com article with screen captures of the site:

Hollywood's Next Big Things

Who's the new Tom Hanks? The next Julia Roberts? Gaze into our crystal ball.

Predicting the future's not easy, especially in Hollywood. But with the impressive young 'uns on the big screen these days, we can make educated guesses. As in, the up-and-comer who may be the next Brad Pitt. Or Jodie Foster. We pair the brightest new stars with the A-listers whose footsteps they may follow.

Channing Tatum
The Next Brad Pitt?

In 'Step Up,' he made all the girls swoon. But instead of building slowly to super-
stardom, as Pitt did after 'Thelma & Louise,' Tatum's striking while the iron's hot and cranking out the movies. He has four flicks coming right up. Simply put, he's got the acting chops (see 'A Guide to Recognizing...') AND the hunk factor, a lethal combination.

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1 comment:

Tina said...

This is really true.. Channing is the next brad pitt.. and i know in time, Channing might be BETTER than brad.. heheh..

its so cool to read articles that recognize the hard works of our dear channing.. and its really a good thing that he's starting to be recognized now for his good works in all his movies..

and FYI... Channing is WAY HOTTER than that brad pitt.. lol

love lots,