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NEWS FLASH: Update on Channing Tatum's Movie 'Poor Things' from EOnline.com

As Lindsay Lohan tries to acclimate herself into the world post-rehab, life has continued to go on as far as Channing Tatum's film 'Poor Things' is concerned.

Although we still don't know if Channing will be able to do the film or if his scheduling conflicts will force a recast, we do know from sources and now from E! Online that the project will start filming mid-July as I previously posted on the blog after talking to one of the actresses from the film.

Here is a recent E! Online article that updates us on the 'Poor Things' production....

Lindsay's Next Check-In

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay may not have checked out of rehab yet, but we already know where she'll be checking in next! Expect to see her take up residence, at least temporarily, at the Marriott hotel in Marina Del Rey. No, the accommodations won't be as posh as her very upscale oceanfront room at the Malibu rehab center where she's been undergoing treatment for addiction. But she does have some pretty high-powered stars awaiting her arrival: Olympia Dukakis and Shirley MacLaine. The trio are expected to shoot the first scenes of their new movie, Poor Things, from the Marriott property.

"Olympia and Shirley already have rooms here. They've been here for several weeks, while Lindsay's been in rehab, just rehearsing," an insider at the hotel reveals to E! Online's Planet Gossip Vine show cohost Tina Dirmann. "Now, they're waiting for her arrival."

Lindsay <span class=

Meanwhile, the veteran actresses have also been keeping track of their youngest costar's problems, catching up on all the news reports of Lindsay's wild partying ways prerehab—and on her decision to go into rehab just days before the actresses were to begin filming their black comedy flick, based on the true story of two women who married and murdered a string of homeless men after taking out life insurance policies on them.

"They are both well aware of Lindsay's problems and are just waiting as patiently as they can for her to recover and start working," Dirmann's source reveals. "It's funny, because this has all meant they've also read a lot on all the other troubled Young Hollywood starlets and how crazy they all seem. They are particularly interested in Nicole Richie too, because she's Lionel's daughter. And they both know Lionel. But honestly, they don't seem to think anything they've read is any worse than what happened to young stars of their day."

Olympia even playfully dubbed Lindsay, Paris, Britney and Nicole "the newest brat pack."

Still, Lindsay may already be trying the patience of her new costars by opting to extend her stay at Promises, pushing filming back even further.

"Plans are to film around her as much as possible," the source added. "What else can they do? So far, there are a lot of crew members for the movie still up at the hotel, working from their rooms, doing as much as possible without Lindsay." (Calls to the production company for confirmation were not returned.)

Major scenes for the movie will be filmed from the hotel's Glow bar, and a helicopter landing pad from the hotel's rooftop—with Lindsay currently scripted to appear in both.

Let's all just keep our fingers crossed that the production team has been able to work something out with Channing's filming schedule and he will be able to be in this film.

Source: EOnline.com

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