Wednesday, July 18, 2007

RUMOR OR REEL?: Channing Tatum's Movie 'Battle in Seattle' to Premiere at Toronto International Film Festival

A source on IMDB is saying that Channing Tatum's movie 'Battle in Seattle' will indeed have it's world premiere at the prestigious Canadian Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) which will run from September 6 - 15, 2007.

The source also says that Kirk Shaw, one of the producers on the film, sent out an email on July 16th to the movie's cast to letting them know about the premiere.

TIFF will make official annoucements on July 23, 2007 for some parts of the festival and the remaing film annoucements will be made in August, so by then we will be able to confirm that the movie has truly made it into the festival.

'Battle in Seattle' is currently scheduled to have it's US debut in November or December 2007.

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