Thursday, July 19, 2007

CTU EXCLUSIVE: New Personal Pictures of Channing Tatum's Mom, Dad, Sister, and Girlfriend Jenna Dewan

Yet again, Channing Tatum and his awesome girlfriend Jenna Dewan have come through for CTU readers by having their good friend Josh send us even more personal pictures.

Below you can see exclusive pictures of Channing's adorable family. This time we've got pics of Channing's mom, dad, sister, and his gorgeous girlfriend Jenna Dewan hanging out with the family! Enjoy!

It's no wonder why Channing Tatum is such a cutey, take a look at his adorable parents Kay and Glenn Tatum.

The two woman who got the enviable privilege of watching Channing become the cutey he is today...Chan's mother Kay and sister Paige.

It is so obvious that Channing's family loves his girlfriend and she seems to fit right in with the happy crew.
Here's Chan's beautiful sister Paige with his girlfriend of around two years, Jenna Dewan.

Since Channing is not actually in these photos and has a known love for photography, I have to assume that he took some or all of these pictures himself. I really want to thank Channing and Jenna for sharing these pics with me and all of my readers! And a big thanks to Josh, as always, for taking the time to help our favorite couple Chenna get them to me!

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Tina said...

first one to comment! LOL

I love that we have yet again another EXCLUSIVE pictures of Channing and Jenna straight from their good friend Josh... take note: EXCLUSIVE!!!!

Thanks Josh for the pics and Thanks quishe for sharing it with us!!! i hope a shout out from the Channing will come soon.. hehehe