Wednesday, July 4, 2007

NEWS FLASH: Channing Tatum Spotted at Restaurant in West Hollywood by Gossip Queen Perez Hilton

People are always asking me what Channing Tatum is up to now. Well, a few days ago, he was spotted by the most hated gossip blogger, Perez Hilton, having dinner at the popular celebrity eatery Il Sole.

The restaurant is a cozy, boutique Italian restaurant on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood and specializes in authentic contemporary cuisine and the price to dine is reportedly around $51 dollars per-person or more!

Although Perez did not get any pictures or mention who Channing was dining with, we do know that he just happened to be at the restaurant on the same night as Jewel, Jewel's boyfriend of 9 years Ty Murray, Nicky Hilton, and Rumer Willis (Bruce Willis's and Demi Moore's daughter).

Source: Perez Hilton via YouTube

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Tina said...

i wish i was in the same resto as channing was.. even though its about 50+ dollars/person.. lol.. and i wish there were pictures of him too.. oh well, at least we know he's ok..

Anonymous said...

heyy i looked in perez hiltons page and i didnt find channings sighting and i tried search and no answer i remeber there were archives of chhanning and i guess he erased them

Anonymous said...

hey i searched in perez s page and i didnt find that post and i loked for it in search and there werent any posts about channing and i remember there used to be archives of channing i guessed he erased them

Blog Expert said...

The post was not on Perez's site. It was mentioned in a YouTube post description that Perez made yesterday. Channing was not actually in the video and I have not found any pictures yet. Perez's archives are not working right now, because he had to change hosting companies recently.