Sunday, July 1, 2007

Candy Magazine Says Channing Tatum is a Hot Young Actor

Channing Tatum has fans in practically every corner of the world. I would like to thank Fabulous Channing Tatum Fan Gina for sending me pictures of Channing's article in the November 2006 issue of the Philippines-based, popular magazine Candy (a magazine for Filipino teens).

The article starts out with Channing's incorrect name (Channing Bryan Isaac Tatum Anderson), which we all now know should be (Channing Matthew Tatum. Since his name has just recently been corrected by me on major sources like Wikipedia and IMDB, we can definitely excuse this little mistake.

The article then talks about Channing's roles as a gorgeous driver in the 2002 Mountain Dew Commercial, Duke Orsino in 2006's 'She's the Man', Tyler Gage in 2006's 'Step Up', and a soldier in his upcoming movie 'Stop Loss' that will release March 28, 2008.

We also learn about the various jobs he held before his successful acting career (mortgage broker, construction worker, salesman, and model). The article seems to imply that Channing is also a writer and that his first editorial was in Vogue. I think that the truth about that may have been lost in translation a litte. As far as I know, Channing is not a writer, but he did have his first published (photo) editorial in Vogue magazine.

The article also includes a quote from Channing where he states, "Girls were always my biggest distration in school." I'm pretty sure Channing was pretty distracting to the girls too. :-)

Here is the Candy magazine article:

Thank you so much Gina for sending these great pictures!!!

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