Wednesday, June 13, 2007

PEOPLE Says "Like Brad Pitt? Then You'll Love...Channing Tatum!"

PEOPLE Magazine is saying that Channing Tatum has been declared one of 2007's Hottest Bachelors. Even better than that, the site is comparing him to the totally sexy Brad Pitt who we all know is pratically married to Angelina Jolie and who is the hot dad of the whole Jolie-Pitt clan of adoptive and natural-born children.

The popular entertainment magazine feels that Channing is a single version of Brad Pitt, one of the favorite off-the-market hotties. Here's the short article from People.com:


Piercing blue eyes? Check. Washboard abs? Check. But there's one thing that Channing Tatum doesn't have in common with Brad Pitt – he's available! And Tatum, who showed off his acting chops in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, has even proved to be an amazing dancer, starring in the hit movie Step Up.

PEOPLE 's Hottest Bachelor Issue is supposed to hit the stands this week on June 15th, so be on the lookout for the magazine and I will add scans to the photo gallery if Channing is in the print issue too, which I assume that he is. Here is the cover of the issue:

And yes, I of all people know that Channing's eyes are not blue. They are actually a gorgeous shade of green, but I'll let that one go. I also know that Channing has been dating Jenna Dewan since 'Step Up' wrapped in 2005, so don't get your britches in a twist over the bachelor designation. I mean, technically, they are obviously not married, but they are still dating. So don't let this article worry you about our favorite couple Chenna. :-)

Update (June 15, 2007): I combed through the print issue of PEOPLE that came out today. I found out things like...Wentworth Miller is considered to be a "Smart" bachelor, because he went to Princeton. And Scott Rogen of the movie 'Knocked Up' is a "Scuffy" bachelor, because he has a beard. But wouldn't you know it...I could not find Channing!!!

I guess we should be thankful that Channing made it to the online site, but if you get the magazine and see some of the guys they chose, I am sure you will be wondering (like me) how in the world Channing did not make the print issue.

No offense to Seth, but I still can't believe he made the list and Channing didn't. But then, Seth has a movie he's promoting right now and Channing's movies don't come out for a few months. Oh well, maybe next year. :-(

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lynn said...

i knew it from the start. i love brad, so when i saw channing i went nuts over him, i'm sure u've seen them on my blog, hehe.

Love ya CT! said...

I did say that Channing was gonna BLOW UP!! right...I had a dream about Channing last night.........it wasn't a naughty dream or anything:( Jenna was there lol....I was telling them about my past and where I grew up it was odd but we were laughing and having a great time....he has the sexiest smile....sigh

Blog Expert said...

Lynn: I agree with you. I have really liked Brad Pitt for a long time. I thought he was so amazing in Seven. I can't believe that I did not see the comparison before, but hey really are a great comparison. One thing I like about Brad and Channing is they both seem to be relationship kind of hot guys, instead of the playing the field kind. You know, the kind of guy that could have almost anyone in the world, but still chooses to commit to one person. Gotta love it!! :-)

Love Ya CT!: I think it would be fun to hang out with Jenna and Channing, because they seem like really cool down to earth people. Since a dream may be the closest would ever get, I would take that over nothing any day.

Tina said...

brad who?!.. i only know channing...lol