Thursday, June 7, 2007

Should Channing Tatum Play 'He-Man'?

I found this article today on MSN's Hollywood Hit List by Gregory Ellwood. The writer makes recommendations on who he thinks sould play the title character (He-Man) in the upcoming blockbuster 'Masters of the Universe' which is based on the iconic cartoon character.

The movie is about He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe, and he goes against the evil Skeletor to save the planet Eternia and protect the secrets of Castle Grayskull. May sound kind of weird, but it was a cartoon that even I watched when I was growing up...that and Thunder Cats :-).

Guess who is at the top of his hit list?

Here's the article:

Is it any surprise that after "Transformers" got the big-screen treatment, a new version of "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" would be in the works soon after? This past week, Variety announced that "Matrix" producer Joel Silver would be behind the reboot of the '80s franchise that spawned three popular animated TV series and sold millions of toys. It also, however, inspired a 1987 movie featuring Dolph Lundgren that was a complete and utter flop. Now, Silver, who is currently working on a new "Speed Racer" movie, is pitching a new adaptation using the animated CG technique that made "300" a big hit this past spring. While we hope that princess of power, She-Ra, gets a cameo, here are some actors Silver's production company must be considering to take over the mantle of the muscle-bound hero.

Channing Tatum
Tall (6'1"), in shape and only 27-years-old, the rising star of "Step Up" might be the perfect candidate to draw in teenage girls and earn the respect of their boyfriends at the same time.

Ryan Gosling
Last year's lanky Oscar nominee hasn't attached himself to a lucrative franchise yet, so signing on to something like this would allow him to afford some of the smaller pictures he'd prefer to make. And if Christian Bale can bulk up noticeably to play Batman, then it shouldn't be a problem for Gosling. But, yeah, it's a pipe dream ...

Karl Urban
He would have been the hot candidate coming off the first "The Lord of the Rings" six years ago, but after the box-office duds "Doom" and "Pathfinder," he'd be a bargain-basement candidate at this point.

Jonny Lee Miller
There's not much blond hair left up there, but he's got the body type and some fine acting chops, too.

Matthew Fox
He's not blonde and a tad skinny, but he could certainly gain some muscle for the role and has the whole "strong, silent type" shtick down pat.

Paul Walker
"The Fast and the Furious" star has the looks for the part. Considering how unsuccessful his attempts at finding good independent film roles have been, it wouldn't be a bad career movie.

James Franco
After "Spider-Man 3," it's unclear whether Franco would want to get involved in another major franchise again. However, like some others on this list, he has an appealing combination of acting skills, physical attributes and valuable name recognition.

Steve Austin
At 42-years-old, he is probably past the age they'll be looking for and fans of the franchise might cringe at his shiny bald head, but he's certainly got the physique and fighting style down.

Do you think that Channing would make a good He-Man?

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Love ya CT! said...

OMG!! how exciting thats too cool I've never heard of He Man but if they pick Channing they would make the right decision!! did u see what he wrote about teenage girls(quote) "to draw in teenage girls" lol I'm not a teen and I'm in love :)

Blog Expert said...

People don't realize sometimes how many non-teenage people are huge Channing fans. I am definitely one of them and I talk to many of them every day. Channing has a very wide appeal and would be the ONLY reason I would go see this movie.

Valerie Armour said...

I'm a big fan of Channing Tatum. I first saw him in Coach Carter - I fell in love immediately!!

I'm not sure he would make a good He-Man because he's not bulky enough and I wouldn't want him to change cause he has a perfect body as it is!! Yum Yum!!

Val in Castle Douglas - Scotland

Blog Expert said...

I know what you mean Valerie. I am kind of on the fence with this one too. I really like him as he is and would not want him to bulk up to a point that he looks like he is on steroids or something.

ginaloveschanningtatum said...


ginaloveschanning said...

oh yes he needs to be he-man.. actually they need him to be he-man... gosh id be so happy if he makes it. and honey its all about the acting and fast skills.. id prefer his body next to ryan gosling