Monday, June 18, 2007

RUMOR OR REEL?: Channing Tatum to Switch Talent Agencies

How important is a talent agent to an actor? I don't know a whole lot about the industry, but it's my understanding that having a good agent is probably one of the most important things that an actor can have...in addition to talent ofcourse :-).

Your agent is the person that represents you and helps you to get the deals that can make or break your career. Because of an agent's importance to a actor, many will follow their agents as they move up the talent agency ladder to bigger and better organizations.

That's what seems to be going on with Channing Tatum and his agent Louise Ward.

Channing's long time talent agent recently moved from the smaller Innovative Artists talent agency to the extremely well-known and established William Morris Agency. Although he has not officially made the move yet, today Variety is saying Channing plans to follow Louise Ward to William Morris.

I am not surprised at this potential move, since I am sure that Louise Ward has played a big role in Channing getting the 8 movies that will released in the next two years.

I think this would be a great move for Channing and I am sure it will help him to get even better roles in the coming years.

Source: Variety.com

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Love ya CT! said...

I have no clue I don't he would cause he's gettin so much with them now...I mean it's like movie after movie....which is always good