Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Extends Stay in Rehab: Good for LiLo...Bad for Channing Tatum's 'Poor Things'

It looks like Lindsay Lohan may actually be taking her second stab (pun intended) at rehab seriously. Page Six reported today that LiLo has chosen to remain in Promises in Malibu for longer than the usual stay.

A close friend of Lohan's said, "She is staying in Promises for longer than a month. We don't know how much longer because of her work schedule, but she is taking rehab very seriously this time and not messing around."

Translation: Lindsay and her handlers want to really make sure the therapy takes this time (unlike her first stay in rehab) and they want to keep her out of trouble before she goes back to work.

By now, we all know that the "work" the friend is refering to is the movie 'Poor Things', the project that Lindsay Lohan is supposed to have with Channing Tatum.

Although LiLo has decided to stay in rehab longer to fight her demons and has canceled her 21st birthday party at PURE (thank God!), I still can't breathe a sigh of relief.

Why? Because none of this bodes well for Channing Tatum. As I mentioned in a previous post, the delay in filming (even before Lindsay decided to stay in rehab longer) was threatening Channing's ability to stay on the project. Channing currently has another movie called 'Push' that will start filming in Hong Kong in August.

I have now heard from multiple sources that Channing has had to turn down the role because of scheduling conflicts and that Giovanni Ribisi will replace him in the film. :-(

I am sure that this type of thing happens often in the movie biz, but I take this one kind of personally, because I was really looking forward to seeing Channing in a comedy. More importantly, I feel like Channing has lost out on a prime role because of LiLo's inability to pull her privileged life together and that is just not OK in my book.

I'm thinking when she gets to that step in the 12 Step Process where you have to apologize to everyone you hurt, Channing (and all of us fans) should definitely be on that list somewhere. I'll be waiting for my call, LiLo!!!

Source: Page Six

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Love ya CT! said...

Damn that bi*** I really don't like her very much...so like I sd before no comment

Anonymous said...

uhhm, entitlement much?
i love channing, but giovanni ribisi is so much of a better actor, comedically and dramtically.

so dont get your panties in a twist, mr tatum will be out with a new movie soon enough.

Anonymous said...

i was looking forward to see him in a comedy too!!!!
she screwed him over

Paula said...

so he's really not gonna be in the movie??

because it's still on IMDB.com under his upcoming projects

Blog Expert said...

IMDB has to be updated by the production team and I am sure they are busy trying to salvage what ever is left of the film.

I talked with an actress on the film today that said it has been delayed indefinitely at this point. She got a call last Friday afternoon and was told to basically not hold her breath and "look for other work".

This is after she gave up her apartment and does not have another project to quickly jump to. She is now going to be staying on a friend's couch in the mean time. How screwed up is that!!!

She also said that story is great and the cast is even better! She feels that this could potentially be a huge movie. She read the script in one sitting when she got it, and thought it is really good! She really hopes the movie gets made at some point, inspite of all the craziness around it.

Blog Expert said...

Maybe Channing will be able to do the movie later if they push out the production far enough and it works into his schedule. Who knows?

Paula said...

i really hope that he will still do it!!
because i would really love to see him in a comedy

Tina said...

I just hope LiLo gets her life straight now.. she's causing a lot of actors (like chan) good roles/movies.. she should be ashamed of her self for doing this...

Love ya CT! said...

I don't understand y the just don't someone else whats so fab about LiLo cause I don't see anything fab about her

Anonymous said...

I have family working on the movie, and I can confirm that he has quit the production and been replaced. Sorry!

Blog Expert said...

Thanks for letting us know. If you have any other info on who they chose to replace him with, can you post it?