Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Channing Tatum Pictures of the Week: Fabulous Fan Photo Submission

Each week Channing Tatum Unwrapped will post one or more of our favorite pictures of the uber hot Channing Tatum.

Today's Picture of the Week was sent in by Fabulous Channing Tatum Fan Tina of the Philippines. It is an incredilbly sexy and shirtless :-) still of Channing Tatum modeling for Terry Esteps of MysterySteps.com. It's one of Channing's very first modeling shoots.

Here is what Tina has to say about why she chose this Picture of the Week:

Hello Ma'am quishe,

This is my first time submitting a photo for you. I know you probably saw this picture already but I just want to share it again. I love this picture coz it shows how cute chan is when he's 'asleep'..He just looks so sexy yet innocent. I could just go all day looking at him like this..


Tina, thank you so much for submitting this! I don't care if I see this picture a million gazillion times, I absolutely NEVER get tired of it. As CTU Reader Jan says in her best Joey voice (from the show 'Friends')..."How you do'in?" is what comes to mind when she sees this photo. I must say that I totally agree. ;-)

I would like to thank you (and Gina) by the way for teaching all of us on the comment box how to say things in Filipino today. Here is what I learned:

Mahal namin si Channing. Si Channing ay isang napakagaling na aktor. Gwapo si Channing, Hinahangaan namin si Channing.

For those who don't speak Filipino (which includes me), it means:

We love Channing. Channing is a very good actor. Channing is handsome. We idolize Channing.

I love it when I learn new languages, so thanks again for the photo and for teaching me something new today!

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Tina said...

first to comment... woohooo!!! i love this picture... hope we get to see more of pics like this int he future.. :P.. will comment more tomorrow.. :P

I just love this site!!!ITS THE BEST!!

Anonymous said...

If you're interested in learning new languages, pls, allow me to show you the same russian version:

Мы любим Чена. Чен - очень хороший актёр. Чен красивый. Мы боготворим Чена.

(We love Chan. Chan is a very good actor. Chan is handsome. We idolize Chan.)

Blog Expert said...

Thanks, Natalie, for the Russian lesson!

lynn said...

i'm so thrilled u got other filipino readers here to laquishe, i am filipino too, and it would be my pleasure to teach u more filipino words :) i talk to americans everyday at work i would not mind talking to another one and giving out filipino lessons too, hehehe.