Wednesday, June 13, 2007

NEW FLASH: Channing Tatum to Star with Sean Penn in Oliver Stone Vietnam Film Called 'Pinkville'

If that's not considered to be a name-dropping title, I don't know what is.

It seems that Oliver Stone is going to be directing another Vietnam film and Channing Tatum has now been tied to the project along with veteran actor Sean Penn.

The new film is called 'Pinkville' (aka 'One Day in March') and has been bought by Paramount. The movie is about the My Lai massacre, which ocurred during the Vietnam War.

It was a horrible massacre carried out by U.S. soldiers on March 16, 1968 in the hamlet of My Lai. Hundreds of unarmed Vietnamese civilians, mostly women and children, were killed. The incident prompted widespread outrage around the world and reduced American support at home for the war in Vietnam.

It sounds like this could be yet another amazing opportunity for Channing Tatum. Congrats on adding one more career-changing role to your ever-growing list of upcoming projects, Channing!!!


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sergenkab said...

Well, I doubt that my view would be interesting to anyone but anyway… I’ve found Oliver Stone’s idea to make a movie about My Lai to be provocatively interesting but it’s better to leave this theme in peace, you know… It’s not like “Platoon” or “Born on the Fourth of July” - it’s much harder. It was the most gruesome Vietnam war crime committed by the soldiers of Charley Company 1/20 Task Force Barker assigned to the 23rd “Americal” division. It’s after that in the early 1970s Americans called this division as “Amerikill” and all the soldiers served in the 23rd – baby killers. In real life, only a few guys saved the honor of the US military uniform that day – sergeant Michael Bernhardt who refused to shoot at women and babies and helicopter pilot warrant officer Hugh Thompson with his door gunners Larry Colburn and Glenn Andreotta who saved a large group of local Vietnamese people when landed their log between them and approaching butchers headed by Lt Calley - all the others took part in that massacre.
So, what is the future movie going to be about? Two hours of bloody carnage scenes have been already described in details in books by Seymour Hersh, Richard Hammer or Michael Bilton with Kevin Sim? Or maybe a next story about frustrated and keyed up brothers in arms who made a terrible mistake in a fierce revenge for their buddies killed by Vietcong in Pinkville area? The most awful is that these things often happen at war but when they become evident to the public, the generals and politicians prefer to court martial soldiers and low-ranked officers obeying their f..king orders.
OK, it was a prelude to the following point. As for Sean Penn, it’s obvious that after his “Casualties of War” he’s good for Capt Medina role – the commander of Charley company. But what about Channing Tatum? The list of good guys in this story is so short, but we’ve used to see him always among goodfellas. That is the question.

Blog Expert said...

Thank you so much for the thoughtful analysis of this article topic. I agree that it will be very interesting to see what role Channing plays in this film. If he is one of the "bad" soldiers, it will not be the first time that we see Channing in a role where he plays someone of poor character. In his role as Antonio in A Guide to Recognizing your saints, his character was a deeply troubled and violent street punk, but Channing managed to help viewers see more than just the evil. We also were able to feel sympathy for the character because of the circumstances that made him who he was. I look forward to seeing what kind of character Channing plays in this movie and how he helps us to connect with the character, good or bad.