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'Step Up' Song List with Scene by Scene Break Down

Here is a great ultra high quality (UHQ) French poster for the movie 'Step Up' (aka 'Sexy Dance' in France) that I thought you all may enjoy.

As you may know, yesterday I added the new CTU MP3 Player to the blog with songs from Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan's movie 'Step Up' and Robert Hofmann and Briana Evigan's movie 'Step Up 2: The Streets'. Well, today's article gives you a scene by scene break down of every song in 'Step Up' (even the ones not on the soundtrack).

I can't take credit for the list that must have taken a lot of time to create, because IMDB poster blackbirdfly @ gmail [dot] com actually posted the complete list of songs in the movie on IMDB a while back. There may be a few errors when it comes to some of the unknown songs, but he has done an amazing job on the song list.

Here is every single song in 'Step Up' broken down by scene with artist and song titles:


  • Petey Pablo - Show Me The Money • (Played during opening credits.) *
  • Clipse - Ain't Cha • (Played during party scene.) *
  • T.I. - Get It • (Tyler dances at the party.) **
  • Dolla - Feelin' Myself • (Tyler Listens to music in his room.) *
  • Kathleen Crees - Violette • (Tyler stands on his balcony.)
  • Jeanette Ortea Et. Al - Maidens of the Grove • (Female chorus sings in school hallway.)
  • Nuttin' But Stringz - Canon in D • (Male violinists play in school hallway.) ***
  • Black Sheep - The Choice Is Yours Revisited • (Tyler dances in school parking lot.) **
  • Mark Ronson - Little Dap • (Tyler and the guys play basketball.)
  • Shilo Monaco - Shilo's Piano • (Principal Gordon looks in on students practicing.)
  • Ron Feemster - Cleaning Song • (Tyler cleans the school.)
  • Fatboy Slim & Macy Gray - Love Life • (Nora auditions dancers.) **
  • Chris N. Drop - Crazy Strings • (Nora rehearses alone.)
  • C. Ride - Pushin' • (Tyler and Mac go to Omar's.) ******
  • Chris Brown - Say Goodbye • (Lucy and Nora talk.) *
  • Samantha Jade - Step Up • (Nora and Tyler practice.) *
  • Josh Henderson - Philosophy • (Brett records his song in the studio.)
  • Kwame B. Holland - Tonight • (Miles plays a new song for Nora // Group rehearsal.)
  • Youngbloodz - I'mma Shine • (Miles plays a new song for Nora // Group rehearsal.) *****
  • Gina Rene - U Must Be • (Nora and Tyler practice outside.) *
  • Jamie Scott - Made • (Performance in the club.) *
  • Sean Paul & Keyshia Cole - Give It Up To Me • (Tyler and Nora talk in the club.) *
  • Drew Sidora - 'Til The Dawn • (Performance in the Club.) *
  • Drew Sidora - For The Love • (Miles and Lucy /Tyler and Nora talk.) *
  • Kelis - '80s Joint • (Tyler and Camille dance outside.) *
  • Novel - Damn • (Nora and Tyler dance, kiss, and hug.) ****
  • Anthony Hamilton - Dear Life • (Tyler drops out of the Showcase.) *
  • Pitbull - Toma • (Omar's party.) **
  • Rhymefest - What Up! • (Omar's party.)
  • Ryan "Alias" Tedder - Attention Please • (Omar's party.)
  • Youngbloodz - I'mma Shine • (Omar's party / Skinny gets shot.) *
  • Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake Waltz • (Ballet dancer performs before Nora.) **
  • Young Joc - 'Bout It (Instrumental) • (Showcase song.) *****
  • Ciara - Get Up • (End credits.) *

• Also, there is a song on the soundtrack called "Lovely" by Deep Side that also wasn't in the film, apparently.
• There's also a version of "Step Up" that was performed by an unknown artist. It was used as the audition song for the MySpace dancers competing to appear in Ciara's "Get Up" video.

* = Soundtrack
** = Available on CD/MP3
*** = This is a song by Pachebel. You can find the original on various CDs.
**** = Listen at Novel's MySpace
***** = Instrumentals are featured in the movie, vocals are on the soundtrack.
****** = Listen at Prefix Mag

UPDATE (July 31, 2007) : Click here to listen to the entire 'Step Up' soundtrack on CTU's new MP3 player.

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