Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Channing Tatum Videos of the Week: Channing Tatum and Amanda Bynes Hilarious MSN Interview

Each week Channing Tatum Unwrapped is going to post our favorite Channing Tatum fan videos, interviews, and/or movie clips from our Channing Tatum Unwrapped YouTube Video Playlist and other places on the internet.

Today's hilarious Video of the Week was submitted bu Fabulous Channing Tatum Fan Marlie from New York. It's a hilarious interview with Channing Tatum and Amanda Bynes and is almost as funny as their popular movie She's the Man. I was not able to download this video and get it onto YouTube, so you will have to endure the 15 second commercial right before the 4 minute video, but I definitely think it's worth the wait.

Marlie says she submitted this video, because it made her crack up when she first saw it and she thinks Channing has a really a cute laugh.

Here is why the video is so funny to me...Channing opens the interview talking about having a Pajama Party with the interviewer and shows us his best girly pose after a request from the interviewer and his co-star. Hilarity ensues when, in the middle of the interview, Channing fights off a bug that was obviously as attracked to him as we are and ends the interview by showing his support for the "Girl Power" movement. Click here or on the image above to see the funny interview. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

:-D HAHHAHAHAA CAN'T STOP LAUGHING!! LMAO! That was funny! Thanks for posting Quishe and Thanks to Marlie girlyyyy!! :-)

Anonymous said...

OMG, dat woz hilarious,hahahahaha, i laughd sooo much dat i nearly cried. Channing is sooo funny. And he has such a cute laugh.(I found it soooo funny dat i cant even write properly, so doin dis comment took ages, LMAO)

Thanx Quishe n Thanx Marlie, gr8 video.


jessica said...

haha that was so funny i had water cumin out of my eyes chan you need more practise on how to be a girl lol but that was so funny

Tina said...

like what the girlies above me said, I CANT STOP LAUGHING.. and im at the mall watching the video.. People must have be thinking like im crazy... I love it when he posed like a girl... and when he said " Oh god...Im happy " while trying not to laugh so hard.. but he did it anyways..

Marlie girl is right.. Chan's laugh is SO DANG CUTE!!!

Great vid marlie! thanks quishe for posting it.. :)