Wednesday, August 22, 2007

NEWS FLASH: Channing Tatum Is Joined by Terrence Howard in New Fight Film

It was just announced that Oscar nominated Terrence Howard ('Hustle & Flow', 'Pride', 'Crash') will be joining Channing Tatum in his upcoming Dito Montiel directed underground street fighting circuit film.

Chan will star in the film as a young man who gets drawn into the circuit as a way to escape his circumstances. You can click here to learn even more about the movie.

Howard told MTV in an interview that the movie is currently called "It's Called Fighting", but a spokesperson for the film’s distributor, Rogue Pictures, however told them the title has not yet been determined and that ‘It’s Called Fighting’ is currently what’s written on the script.

Variety says that Howard will play a veteran street fighting coach and mentor to Chan's character, and Howard tells MTV that the movie is kind of like another film called ‘Midnight Cowboy', which was released in 1969 managed to win 3 Oscars.

On a random note, I actually met Terrence Howard years ago near my home at a local mall. He was very nice and even autographed a napkin for me as the poor guy was trying to eat his mall lunch. I personally think that Terrance Howard is an amazing actor and I look forward to seeing Channing work with someone of his calibur.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! Terrance Howard is an extremely talented actor and to see him and CT in a movie together will be fantastic! I am so glad that other people are recognizing Channing's talent. Great article, Quishe!!!

Blog Expert said...

OMG I am really looking forward to this one too, Jan! Terrence is really great to watch on screen. Glad you liked the article!

Tina said...

love the article.. Terrence is hot.. but Channing is hotter!! lol..

cant wait to see the film.. im sure im gonna fall in love ALL OVER AGAIN ......