Monday, August 27, 2007

NEWS FLASH: Update on 'Step Up 2: The Streets' and Channing Tatum's Cameo

After getting a ton of amazing happy birthday messages from many CTU readers, friends, and Chan's family, my birthday weekend was capped off with a really awesome and unexpected email from Channing himself telling me happy birthday. It was insanely sweet of Chan to take the time to do that and just made it the best birthday I have ever had.

I also want to thank everyone for joining in on the Virtual Party. There were a ton of people there and we really had a blast! Thanks again for helping me celebrate by birthday and CTU becoming OFFICIAL in style!!!! I had a really awesome time!

In addition to singing me the 'Happy Birthday' song in the email (which was completely ADORABLE!!), Chan also let me know a little bit about what he's been up to.

He spent all of last week in New York getting ready for his new Dito Montiel directed street fighting movie with Terrence Howard. He was going to wrack up some frequent flyer miles by going home to California for a day and then he had to turn around and go to Baltimore to film his cameo in 'Step Up 2: The Streets'. The typical life a jet setter.

Chan told me, "I go to Baltimore for a little part in 'Step Up 2', Haha I'm really kinda nervous to go dance again. I haven't really danced like that in a long time. Gotta get the juices flowin again, shake off the rust."

I told him how excited all of the fans are about his cameo in 'Step Up 2' and that he could pretty much just stand there and breathe and the fans (including me) would love it. Although I was surprised (and totally endeared) to hear he was nervous, I was extremely happy to know that he would actually be dancing as a part of his cameo.

Speaking of dancing in Step Up 2: The Streets'...they have extended the voting deadline to September 4, 2007 at 9pm Pacific time to vote on your favorite solo dancer or dance crew on their website. You can click on the image below to go to the site, view the videos and vote.

You can also view a new video for the movie with singer/dancer/actress Cassie talking about the dancing and singing contests for the film.

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Marlie said...

Aww if Chan is in New York he should by my house lol

Alex said...

Marlie, when can I come over again?

He sang you happy birthday?! That's freaking cute...I sound so gay. (very manly voice) That is very sweet of him, I must say.

Much love!

Tina said...

cant wait to see Chan in SU2.... woohooo!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG, i cant wait 2 c Step Up 2, now dat Chan is definately in it.