Saturday, August 4, 2007

NEWS FLASH: Channing Tatum in September 2007 Vanity Fair Magazine

As I mentioned a few days ago, Channing is featured in the September 2007 print issue of Vanity Fair in addition to their web exclusive online article that has a hot new picture of the actor. In the online article, Vanity Fair chose 11 up-an-comers to spotlight, but in the print magazine, they picked the top 4 actors and Channing is one of the chosen few.

As promised, here are the high quality scans of the cover of Vanity Fair, the article, and Channing's absolutely gorgeous new picture in the article.

You can click on the image above to read the entire Vanity Fair article or you can read it here:

The Boys with The Buzz
by Evgenia Peretz for Vanity Fair

You haven't heard of them yet, but if scores of hysterical teenage girls in chat rooms are a gauge of the future, you're looking at the next Brad, Heath, Jake, and Ewan. A former Bruce Weber model and still a singer for the rock ban Tribe, Steven Strait will star in Rolan Emmerich's '10,000 B.C.', a chest-baring spectacle about prehistoric man.

Channing Tatum (also a former Bruce Weber model) impressed viewers and critics in the indie hit 'A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints'. He'll soon be seen in 'Stop Loss', Kimberly Peirce's first film since 'Boys Don't Cry' (1999), as part of a hot-young-actor cast that includes Ryan Phillippe. Before that, catch Tatum in 'Battle in Seattle', with Charlize Theron.

London-born Charlie Cox was rigorously trained as an actor at Sherborne School, in Dorset, England, paving the way for a pair of high-profile costume dramas: 'The Merchant of Venice', with Al Pacino, and 'Casanova', with Heath Ledger. The young hero is currently starring in 'Stardust', with Michelle Pfeiffer, Claire Danes, and Robert De Niro.

Zac Efron, whose musical-theater background and dreamboat positive energy helped make the television show 'High School Musical' something of a cult phenomenon among teens, is now part of this summer's feel-good camp extravaganza, 'Hairspray'.

The issue is on newstands now, so go out and get it!

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