Monday, August 6, 2007

NEWS FLASH: Channing Tatum's 'Poor Things' Status Gets Updated

Ok, so I've tried really hard to not write about Channing Tatum's project 'Poor Things' too much lately because keeping up with his co-star Lindsay Lohan's personal issues (she just entered rehab for the third time this year) and the off-again/on-again status of the film is like watching a high-speed tennis match at this point and I'm getting whiplash.

Page Six and other gossip outlets are saying that the movie has been shelved indefinitely, but the 'Poor Things' production team is saying that it's still on. Rosario Dawson (another actress on the film) was recently interviewed on ExtraTV.com and she says the following, "...clearly Lindsay wasn’t on set." So it seems that the production is proceeding without LiLo for now.

Some are saying that Lindsay Lohan has been dropped from the project for her cornucopia (now that's an SAT word for you) of personal issues and her inability to get insured for the film.

Regardless, there is one irrefutable fact that I can report. Channing's status on 'Poor Things' has now been updated to "rumored" (no surprise) and the production team has finally added Giovanni Ribisi (Channing's "rumored" replacement in the film) to the cast list on IMDB (again, no surprise).

I actually just saw an E! news report yesterday on Channing's recent Vanity Fair article and they were still reporting that he is going to be in 'Poor Things' with LiLo. Whether either of them are still in the movie or not, letting us all believe they are both still tied to the film gets the film mentioned.

With all of the upcoming projects Channing has on his plate, I still believe he has had to turn down this role because of scheduling conflicts caused by Lilo's rehab. I think the 'Poor Things' production team has decided to keep his name tied to the project as long as they can, because Channing's name brings a lot of good publicity (which they really need at this point).

I could be totally wrong about why they still have Chan's name on the cast list, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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Kerline said...

lol. Urghhhh Lindsay is pissing me off.

Tina said...

poor things' production is OBVIOUSLY ( did i spell it right..lmao ) USING Channings name for POSITIVE publicity since Lilo's creating the nega one..

They should definitely clear up the issues so that no fan of Channing will be confused. they all keep saying its confirmed that its not gonna push through.. then one day later, they say it will.. UGH!

and if they are INDEED using Channing's name JUST for Publicity, they should PAY HIM!!!!