Thursday, August 30, 2007

BLAST FROM THE PAST: Channing Tatum and the Beauty Queen

If you can't be around a person all of the time to get to know them for yourselves, sometimes you have to get to know them through people who have been lucky enough to hang out with them.

The cool thing about Channing Tatum is he seems to quickly make an extremely positive, strong, and unforgettable impression on the people he meets and lucky for us, they like to write about it!

After a short encounter at what looks like a local Austin mall, we are able to see Channing's charismatic personality intoxicate yet another fan by just being himself.

When Channing was shooting 'Stop Loss' in the Austin, Texas area last year, he ran into the 2006 Miss Austin USA, Sheena Monnin. What did Sheena have to say about her brief encounter with Channing? Here's her opinion of our favorite actor in her own words from an October 6, 2006 post on her website...

Have you ever seen someone or read about someone and felt an instant liking for them? That was how I felt when I saw Channing Tatum star in Step Up - he has such a magnanimous personality that it is hard not to like him as an actor! He proved to be an incredible person as well when I spent some time with him while he was in Austin wrapping up a movie with Ryan Phillippe.

Channing has the ability to fill the room with energy and charisma. My mom, my publicist Vicki and I were highly entertained as he charmed us with stories of his life and kept us in laughter with his sense of humor. I think Channing is on his way to the top of Hollywood and has the high level of talent similar to that of my all time favorite actor, Russell Crowe.

Sounds like she might have a bit of a crush on our Chan, but can you really blame her? All I can say is, "Get in line, Sister!!! The end of the line is WAY back there! And Chan will be the first to tell you Jenna is holding on tight to first place." Just kidding (sort of)! :-D :-P

Once again, it's always nice to see how many good things people have to say about Channing as a person and as an actor. It just really makes me proud to be a fan and especially proud to be a part of his team through his official site. It just shows what having a solid support system can do for an actor in the crazy world of Hollywood and Chan definitely has that in his family and friends.

I would like to thank Fabulous Channing Tatum Fan Naz for finding this great picture!!!

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Alex said...

naz, you rock!
quishe, you're a queen!
me, i'm number 3,578,457 in line so there's still more behind me, sister.
he sound like such a really really great person, too bad most of us might not get to meet him, but at least we show him our support. that's all that really matters.

much love!

Blog Expert said...

And Chan and I appreciate every bit of your support, no matter where you are in line! Luv ya, Alex!!!

Anonymous said...


Yet more reason 2 luv Chan, I only hope dat 1 day i'll get 2 meet him n find out 4 myself wat a gr8 person he is.


Tina said...

Great post yet again.. THanks naz for the pic