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AROUND THE WORLD: Channing Tatum in German Magazines Bravo, Mädchen, Yam, and Sugar...The Translation

So pretty much two seconds after I posted the great scans that Fabulous Channing Tatum Fan Vienna sent me from the German Magazines Bravo, Mädchen, Yam, and Sugar, people were wanting to know what the articles were saying.

Who would have thought people actually read the articles and cared about the words so much. Go figure?!?! :-D

Well, Vienna graciously has translated the articles for all of us non-German speaking folk and boy am I glad she did! There's some great information in them that I think CTU readers will find very interesting.

Here is Vienna's synopsis of the Bravo, Mädchen, Yam, and Sugar articles:

Bravo Magazine (October 2006)
Bravo Magazine writes that Channing is a very good dancer and that he has an amazing body. But here's the kicker...In an interview with them, Chan says that he once told his girlfriend that she should get ready for dinner. Instead of going to a restaurant, he took her to the airport, and they went to Hawaii for 5 days. OMG how awesome is that?!?!?! Channing and a romantic trip to Hawaii all in one date. How do I sign up for that?

In the second Bravo magazine, Vienna says that they just introduce him a little and the magazine thinks that Germany will see a lot of him in the future. With around 10 projects in the works right now, I'm thinking they were right on target with that prediction.

Mädchen Magazine (September 2006 & October 2006)
Mädchen Magazine writes about Channing's movie She's the Man. They tell readers that the movie is even better because Channing is in it and that people should definitely watch it.

In the second Mädchen, they also introduce him and write that he likes Angelina Jolie, that he likes to rap and that he's a vegetarian. I've heard the Angeline Jolie comment before, but I did not know about the rap and I am kind of surprised that he's a vegetarian.

Yam Magazine (September 2006 & October 2006)
In the first Yam Magazine, it's pretty much the same with only a short introduction. They also mention that he lost his college football scholarship, because after many years of playing football, he didn't feel like doing the sport everyday anymore. The article says that Channing got into showbiz through his modeling career.

In the second Yam Magazine, they write that Channing is the highlight of the movie 'Step Up' and that it's really worth it to watch the movie.

Sugar Magazine (October 2006)
Finally, Sugar Magazine talks about the fact that Channing did a lot of sports when he was younger, but he likes dancing best. Channing also said that the sports helped keep him out of trouble when he was growing up.

Channing felt that the the sports helped him develop his body and he says that the girls very often liked that. (I'm sure that's an understatement if there ever was one.) He also says that he likes it when girls make the first move. Channing tells a story about a club where a girl came over to him and said something like "Are you coming with me?". Channing thought that was a bit weird, but sexy at the same time.

He likes to wear sporty clothes and he also likes to go to clubs for a date so he can see if the girl knows how to move. It's important for him that his girlfriend knows how to dance. (No worries with Jenna.) The sweetest thing that somebody has done for him was surprising him with a party and his girlfriend did that for him.

Thank you so much, Vienna for taking the time to translate all of the articles for everyone! You can click here to view all of the scans that Vienna sent into CTU for the readers around the world to download and enjoy!

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