Friday, January 26, 2007

What kind of relationship does Channing Tatum have with his family?

Although I feel I know a lot about Channing Tatum, I don't personally know him. I think one of the best ways to get to know anyone is to understand what kind of relationship they have with their family. Like if you find a guy that's hates his mom or is really disrespectful to his siblings, you may want to think twice before starting a longterm relationship with them. (Sorry, didn't mean to get all Dr. Phil on you.)

Anyway, from what I can tell , I don't think we need to worry about Channing. In his own words, here are some of the things he has said about his family in interviews...

[Channing talking about his's family's experience while he filmed his 2006 movie She's The Man.]
“I come from a family that doesn’t know much about Hollywood, and who doesn’t have a lot of money...My parents haven’t seen many movies, let alone been on the set of one, until this. The producers and director made them feel so welcomed on the set. And my family really had a really good time, too. They have never experienced anything so exciting. My father even got to sit in the director’s chair.”

[Channing Tatum talking about his close relationship with his grandparents.]
"[I have childhood memories] from where my grandmother Nana and my Papa used to live. I loved my Nana and my Papa. They were my roots. Every summer my folks sent me off to the country to stay with them, hoping to keep me out of trouble. And you know grandparents are so real they don't even know how to be fake. They never bother saying what you want to hear, they just say "this is the way it is." I'd get up to something and they would just look at me and shake their heads and say: "Oh Channing ...""

[Channing Tatum talking about his close relationship with his mother and father.]
"If it wasn't for my mom, I just would not be here today. Not just the physical part of bringing me into this world, but she got me through everything...She totally saved my life. She was the cornerstone. She got me through it no matter how bad it got...She would never let me give up. Her word was relentless. Whenever I wanted to give up, she got me through it. When you're young, you always think you have it so terrible. But I look back on it all now and I realize how bad I didn't have it. I am who I am because of the way they raised me, and I'm so happy for it. I've really tried to take all the good things from everyone in my life and hold onto them."

Through these interviews, Channing has given us a window into his relationship with his family that I feel shows how strong of a bond he seems to have with them. I am sure it's the hopeless romantic in me, but there is something really endearing about a man who is secure enough to express how much he cares about the people who raised him. All I have to say is that Jenna is one lucky girl. :-)

[Photo Provided by Photorazzi.com]

[Sources: ModelLaunch.com and WildAboutMovies.com]


ronilo said...

wow. you are also one big fan of channing tatum!

I just watched his movie "she's the man" and he acts great!

Also, he's one fantastic model.

I wish i can be just like him someday.

Oh crap! haha :]

Rachael said...

Everytime I hear him talk about his momma like that I just about cry! Yes, it may sound cheesie but it is sooo sweet and it touches my heart!

Blog Expert said...

I know! He is the cutest momma's boy EVER (next to my sons ofcourse)! :-D