Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Oscar Buzz for Channing Tatum

There are very few teenage girls and frequent movie goers who don't know who Channing Tatum is. You may have seen him as Amanda Bynes' hunky soccer playing teammate in 2006's She's the Man, as Jenna Dewan's juvenile deliquent dance partner Tyler Gage in 2006's Step Up , or as the disturbed teenager and Shia LaBeouf's friend Antonio in 2006's A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints .

As you can see, the model turned actor has had a busy year. Well now there is talk that he may be up for an Oscar for his role in A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints . As a big fan of Channing as an actor and as a person, I hope that this is true, because his portrayal of the character is definitely award worthy. Learn more about his potential nomination at Movieweb.com and at TheBackstage.org.

[Photo Provided by Channing Tatum's Current Modeling Agency]


Anonymous said...

I actually have a question for whoever can answer me, I notice in a lot of Channing's movies he is very hands on with people, like the handshake hugs, Even as a hardcore, bitter, teenager as Antonio, he had compassion for Dito, and Monty, is he like that in real life, affectionate, and compassionate? I am curious, he seems like a nice guy.

Blog Expert said...

Before I met him, I noticed the same thing you mentioned above. Having now met him, I can say that your assumption is correct. He's an extremely personable and nice guy. He's also very down to earth. When he talks to fans, he always asks them their names, grasps their hands and looks them in the eyes. He's really a sweet guy and in my opinion is both affectionate and compassionate. After I met him, I became an even bigger fan of him as a person.