Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Channing Tatum's Fabulous Fans

One thing that I want to make clear to all of my readers is that I (the writer of this blog) am NOT Channing Tatum. Nothing bothers me more than posers pretending to be Channing or any other person they are not. (Click here to read my posting about a popular Channing poser on MySpace.)

I'm a lot like you, a person who really likes Channing as an actor and as a person. I love writing this blog, because it is a way for me to meet other like-minded (aka obsessed) fans around the world that feel the same way. I would love to think that Channing has read or will read this blog one day, but I really don't know if he knows we exist or not.

I have been getting emails from fans with messages for Channing, so I have decided to start posting them periodically on the blog, just in case Channing may take a peek one day. :-)

So Channing here are some of the messages from YOUR fabulous fans:

"I NEED YOU!! Hi,you are the hottest actor in the world."
- Love Logan and Sarah

"Hi, Channing  Tatum. I am a big fan. I like you on She's the Man and Step Up... Can you send me a  photo of you? I will like to spend a day with you and talk to you about your movies."
- Your Fan Hayley

If you have a message for Channing (and make sure to keep it clean :-)), feel free to leave a comment on this blog entry or you can send a message to fans@channingtatumunwrapped.com. Thanks again to my readers for sending in your messages!

[Photo Provided by ChanningTatum.org]

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