Sunday, January 7, 2007

Channing Tatum: #1 Most Googled Celebrity of 2006

DID YOU KNOW... Although Channing Tatum has said in interviews he is not very good on the computer and I don't think even owns one at this point, he probably is happy that his fans don't have any problems with technology. People Magazine recently declared Channing as the Most Googled Celebrity of 2006. I guess it pays to have so many movies come out in one year and do so well. Congrats Chan!

Just in case you are interested, here are the top ten celebrities on the list:

1) Channing Tatum
2) Chris Brown
3) Shakira
4) Dane Cook
5) Anna Nicole Smith
6) Jessica Alba
7) Oprah
8) Daddy Yankee
9) Britney Spears
10) Jessica Simpson

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