Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Channing Tatum Trivia Question of the Day

If you know the answer to the following Channing Tatum Trivia Question of the Day, just add a comment to this blog entry and show the readers your Channing smarts.

If you don't know the answer, feel free to research it on this blog or online. Here is the question:

Here is a movie still with Channing Tatum and his real-life girlfriend Jenna Dewan from 2006's Step Up. Before Channing was driving all of us fans crazy with those insanely sexy lips and bedroom eyes, what kinds of non-acting and non-modeling jobs (other than construction) did this regular-joe-turned-leading-man have before he got his big break?

[Photo Provided by Channing-Tatum.com]


miguelrichardson14 said...

channing was a salesman and mortgage broker

Blog Expert said...

That's correct! Channing Tatum also worked at a puppy/kitty nursery, at the cologne counter of Dillard's and at an edgy raver clothing store.

isabella.(: said...

he worked as a mortgage broker,salesman,worked at the perfume counter at dillards which paid $10 an hour like it said in the GQ interview and at a pupppy/kitty nursery..
btw,i just read the GQ interview so thats how i knew that.lol