Sunday, February 10, 2008

NEWS FLASH: Watch Channing Tatum's Girlfriend Jenna Dewan in New Movie 'Wonderwall'

Channing Tatum's real-life girlfriend Jenna Dewan has quite a few movies coming out this year. If you haven't seen it yet, you should definitely watch Jenna's first movie for year called 'Love Lies Bleeding', which released on DVD on January 15, 2008. The dramatic thriller with Christian Slater is really good, and Jenna did an awesome job in it.

Another one of Jenna's 2008 films is currently in post-production and it's called 'Wonderwall' (aka My Life and Out of the Bronx). I recently found some information and what I'm calling a pre-trailer (since I'm sure it's not the final trailer for the movie) for the film on the production company's website.

You can CLICK HERE to watch a pre-trailer for the movie from CinemaLab, and here is what they say Jenna Dewan's new film 'Wonderwall' is all about:


CinemaLab's new film WONDERWALL was shot in Bronx, NY summer of 2007. It is currently in post production.

The film stars Jenna Dewan (Step Up) and introduces talented actor/singer/songwriter Andrew Cisneros. Other top cast members are Nester Serrano, Julie Carmen, Nicholas Gonzales, Flaco Navaja, Michael Rivera and rap artist Kazi Rolle. Writer/Director is Agustin.

WONDERWALL is a highly original adventure/love story about survival beyond one's class and condition, and the profound changes that occur when a young musician awakens the magic, the music and the possibilities for romance in the world outside the poverty and violence that are his life in the Bronx, NY.

Jay is a young and gifted Latino, but there are conflicting forces in his life -- his hunger for growth and the music that drive him to want more, but his friends and surroundings are conspiring to hold him back. With the help of his new girlfriend (Jenna Dewan, STEP UP), and on the brink of letting his life take an irreversible turn, he comes to finds his own "wonderwall" among the people closest to him.

Be on the look out for 'Wonderwall' and all of Jenna's other movies this year , and I'll make sure to keep everyone posted on any future release dates for each film.

Just so you know, here is a complete list of Jenna Dewan's movies for 2008:
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