Friday, February 22, 2008

NEWS FLASH: Create Your Own Trailer for Channing Tatum’s Movie ‘Stop-Loss’

Thanks to Fabulous Channing Tatum Fans Marlie and Kerline we have a couple of photos of two larger-than-life posters for Channing Tatum’s highly-anticipated Iraq war drama ‘Stop-Loss’. They took these photos from inside and outside of the movie theater last week when they went to see Channing in ‘Step Up 2: The Streets’ in New York City.

I also wanted to let you know that ‘Stop-Loss’ has added a cool, new feature to their website that I think all of CTU’s video makers are going to love.

You can now create your very own movie trailer for the film with video, audio, transition, titles, graphics, and music provided by the makers of ‘Stop-Loss’. After you make your trailer, other visitors on the site can rate it, and you can even share it by adding your video to your MySpace page, website, and/or blog.

Want to share your video making talents with the world? Make a video and send a link to the video you made to me at votw@channingtatumunwrapped.com. I may just post it on CTU!!!

You can CLICK HERE to start creating your very own ‘Stop-Loss’ Trailer!!!

I thought I would also give you a quick update on the ‘Stop-Loss’ media/college tour that director Kimberly Peirce is currently doing to promote the film prior to it’s March 28, 2008 release. She has already attended screenings in Seattle, San Diego, Miami, and Boston. Kimberly said the following about the audiences in the cities that have already had screenings:

"SEATTLE tended to be artsy and young; SAN DIEGO was heavily military with Iraq vets and military family as well as college students; MIAMI had ROTC, a lot of people between 17-20, and was about 50% Latin; BOSTON was mostly military family, vets from other wars (WWII, Vietnam) and college students."

Lucky fans from the University of Miami, Miami Dade College, Florida International University, Sunset Senior High, Varella Sr. High, Nova High, Fergusson High, Braddock Senior High, and South Dade Senior High at the South Miami, Florida screening on February 19th got an awesome opportunity to meet Channing’s castmate Victor Rasuk. He met a lot of excited fans and signed autographs for them after the screening. After that Kimberly jumped on a plane to attend the Boston screening the very next night at the Regal Fenway Theater.

Kimberly Peirce is truly enjoying hearing the reactions and stories of screening attendees, and the extremely busy director still has Atlanta, Toronto, Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland, San Francisco, San Jose, Houston, Dallas, Austin, LA, Philadelphia, and more on her travel plan.

Although I don’t have a complete list of screening dates, I do know that ‘Stop-Loss’ will be shown at the University of Chicago on February 27th. You can CLICK HERE for more details.

I am still hunting down location and time details for the list below, but Kimberly Peirce has said that there will be screenings in the following cities on the during the time periods specified:
  • 2/28/2008: Minneapolis
  • 3/3/2008 – 3/7/2008: Portland, San Francisco, San Jose, and LA
  • 3/11/2008 – 3/12/2008: Houston and Dallas
The movie will also be shown at the Fusion Film Festival in New York on February 28th and in Austin at the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) on March 13th. Since I’m going to SXSW, I plan on also attending the screening of ‘Battle in Seattle' on March 10th, yet another one of Channing’s films that is scheduled for release this year.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the Sound Off section of the ‘Stop-Loss’ website where you can learn more about the movie, the real-life stories of our soldier’s and their families, and the escapades of Kimberly Peirce herself as she flies to every corner of the country to promote a movie that is near and dear to her heart.

Thanks to CTU reader Kerline, you can check out a new video that ‘Stop-Loss’ posted on MySpace where Channing talks about the Sound Off site:

Stop-Loss’ will be released in the US on March 28, 2008, but you can CLICK HERE to get all of the current release dates around the world and to watch the film’s two trailers.

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Anonymous said...

Why cant they show it at the University of Oklahoma?? So sad...

NazK said...

Y cant der show it in my house??
So sad.....


Marlie said...

Why can't they just show it now? =[

kerline said...

why cant....?
ok u guys took all the why cants

btw: the stop-loss posters are EVERYWHERE!! when marli and i went to c step up 2 a second time...we saw it again :D

Brad in Atlanta said...

Yeah same here... when I went to see Step Up 2 at the Mall of Georgia they have a HUGE Stop Loss display plus the regular movie posters in the various hallways leading to the theaters. I can't wait!


kerline said...

i saw a stop-loss poster in the train station!!!!!!! when i was on my way home.