Thursday, February 21, 2008

CTU NEWS: Check Out Channing Tatum Unwrapped on Facebook

In addition to Channing Tatum's official MySpace profile, Channing Tatum Unwrapped has had a profile on Facebook for a while.

I invite CTU readers who currently have a Facebook profile or who sign up for one to add the profile as a friend. You'll find some of my favorite Channing photos in the gallery and all of CTU's blog posts automatically show up on the profile too.

If you have a Facebook account, you can CLICK HERE to view and add the profile.

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1 comment:

yvonneleung said...

Hey Q,
I added you. My profile name is: Yvonne Leung.

i was the one who you talked to in the chatbox last night. (well last night for me lol)

please add me back! thanks!