Sunday, February 24, 2008

NEWS FLASH: Channing Tatum's Girlfriend Jenna Dewan to Star in New Movie

I wanted to let all of my fellow Fabulous Jenna Dewan Fans know that Channing Tatum's real-life girlfriend will soon start production on a new movie for Lifetime Television. The Lifetime Original Movie is called 'Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal' and also stars Academy Award winner Tatum O'Neal ("Paper Moon," "Rescue Me") and Ashley Benson ("Days of Our Lives").

The new movie is based on a true story that broke in late 2006 and follows the story of a gutsy young teacher (Jenna Dewan) who fights to end the reign of five misbehaving, beautiful, and well-connected cheerleaders who are sadly allowed to do whatever that want at a high school in the Dallas suburb of McKinney.

"The real-life story of these cheerleaders shocked many when the story broke, not only for their racy and inappropriate behavior, but also for the inaction of the school's administrators and parents," said Tanya Lopez, Senior Vice President, Original Movies, Lifetime Networks. Adding, "We hope this movie reminds parents how important it is to set limits on their children."

Here's a summary of what the story is all about:

In "Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal," Brooke Tippit (Benson), captain of the cheerleading squad and daughter to Principal Lorene Tippit (O'Neal), and her group of friends known as the "Fab Five," constantly disobey school rules and disregard teachers while administrators turn the other way. But when Emma Carr (Dewan), a bright-eye, optimistic young teacher joins the faculty as the new cheerleading coach, the girls discover they are in for quite a challenge when Emma doesn't let them get away with breaking the rules as they are use to.

The outrageous antics of the clique quickly escalate from skipping and disrupting classes to extreme partying, posting suggestive photos of themselves on the internet, bullying and other self-destructive behavior. Hoping to protect the girls from endangering themselves and damaging their futures, Emma asks for Principal Tippit's support in disciplining the girls, but is blindsided with a request for a resignation instead. Frustrated, Emma risks the end to her teaching career by breaking the news of the scandalous conduct of the "Fab Five" and administrators to the local and national media.

'Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal' will premiere in the Summer of 2008 on Lifetime Television. Congrats to Jenna on your new role!!!

Be on the look out for all of Jenna Dewan's movies this year , and I'll make sure to keep everyone posted on any future release dates for each film. Just so you know, here is a complete list of her movies for 2008:
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Anonymous said...

I remember hearing that story in "Seventeen Magazine" about 1 or so years ago.