Saturday, January 5, 2008

NEWS FLASH: Check Out Jenna Dewan's New Movie Trailer for 'Love Lies Bleeding'

Last March I announced on the blog that Channing Tatum's girlfriend Jenna Dewan was filming a new movie in New Mexico, and we even had a few pictures of Channing hanging out with her and friends during production.

Jenna's new film 'Love Lies Bleeding' (aka 'Dinero Sucio' in Spain and 'Prix de la trahison, Le' in France) is coming out January 15, 2008 on DVD in the US.

Thanks to Fabulous Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Fan Diana from Bulgaria, all of us fans can now watch the new trailer that the New York Times just posted on their site.

Here is what Jenna's new movie is all about:

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (R)

Money changes everything, at least that's what Duke (Brian Geraghty) and Amber (Jenna Dewan) would like to believe. Duke, a hapless Iraq War vet, stumbles onto a drug deal turned deadly and finds a duffel bag stuffed with dirty money. After stopping for a quickie wedding, Duke and Amber hit the road to start the life they've always dreamed about. The dream quickly turns into a nightmare when Pollen (Christian Slater), a corrupt DEA agent, comes to reclaim what he believes is rightfully his. The chase begins with non-stop, hair-raising action as Duke and Amber are forced to outwit the increasingly crazed Pollen - as they fight for their very lives.
You can CLICK HERE to download the newly released DVD cover. Then, CLICK HERE to check out the new trailer or you can watch it below:

Make sure to buy or rent a copy of 'Love Lies Bleeding' on January 15, 2008 when it hits a store near you and thanks again to Diana for letting us all know about the new trailer!

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