Saturday, September 15, 2007

NEWS FLASH: Oliver Stone Scouts Out Filming Locations for Channing Tatum's 'Pinkville' in Vietnam

Channing Tatum is supposed to start filming his Oliver Stone directed Vietnam war drama with Bruce Willis after he completes his current project 'Fighting'.

The Oscar-winning filmmaker recently visited the Vietnamese village of My Lai to research the movie about the infamous massacre there, one of the darkest chapters of the Vietnam War.

Stone actually served in the conflict and later won best director Oscars for his war dramas 'Platoon' and 'Born on the Fourth of July'. My Lai is the hamlet where US soldiers went on a bloody rampage and killed up to 504 civilians, many of them unarmed women, children and elderly, on March 16, 1968.

The local people feel that if the film is to be shot in My Lai, it would be a symbol of the US admitting their crimes in the war in Vietnam, a crime which reached the US public more than a year after the event. It sparked international outrage and played a key role in turning the American public opinion against the war in Vietnam.

Stone hopes to start shooting the movie 'Pinkville' by year's end, and I was happy to learn recently that Channing will play one of the few heros in the massacre, a brave soldier by the name of Hugh Thompson.

Hugh was a helicopter pilot who, once he realized what was happening below, put a stop to the killing by placing his craft between gunmen and the few villagers who were left. Hugh also told his two shipmates to fire on the soldiers if they shot any more people and they airlifted the survivors and reported the carnage to superiors.

'Pinkville' is slated to have a $40 million budget and is currently scheduled to have its theatrical release in 2008.

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