Wednesday, September 5, 2007

NEWS FLASH: Casting Call for Channing Tatum, Terrence Howard, and Dito Montiel's 'Fighting' Movie Tomorrow

Channing Tatum's untitled street fighting movie which also stars Oscar nominated Terrence Howard and is directed by Dito Montiel of 'A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints' fame will start filming this month in New York City. They are also having a casting call tomorrow in the New York area.

You can click here to view a casting notice on Backstage.com or you can just read the casting notice below that the film sent out via bulletin on MySpace early this morning:

'Fighting' Casting Call

Kee Casting is holding a Sag and Non Sag open call registration for background players on the upcoming feature film “FIGHTING” starring CHANNING TATUM & TERENCE HOWARD.

We are looking for a wide cross section of all different New York types, characters and interesting faces. We encourage all ages and all ethnicities to attend. The Director will be present.

Also looking for the following types:

  • Men and women who can play a convincing homeless person
  • Young men and women who have street music or dancing talent
  • Men who can play Slavic/Russian types
  • Women who can play Russian model types
  • Men who can play African street vendors
  • Bouncer types
  • Young skinny men who can play three card monte and street games
  • Men who can play Korean business men
  • Young men who can play tough wallstreet day traders
  • Men and Women of all ages who can play Latinos
Sag members should bring a picture and resume AND a current snapshot which should be attached. Include your basic sizes on your resume.

Non Sag people should bring a picture and resume (if you have) AND/OR a current snapshot. Write your basic sizes on your picture and make sure to include your name and contact phone number printed clearly.

Everyone must bring a pen and have a photo ID.

Open call will be held on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 6, 2007 at St Malachy’s Church - 239 West 49th Street ( between Broadway and 8th Ave ) NYC. Space is wheelchair accessible.


Good luck to all Channing Tatum fans and CTU readers who are actors (shout out to Max) and who want to be actors! Make sure to let us know if any of you get a part in the film.

Thanks again, Brandi, for giving me the heads up on this casting call notice!

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Anonymous said...

Tooooooo bad I don't live in the US... :-( I definetely live in the wrong country!!! lol Good luck to those who try to be in the movie!!


Anonymous said...

AWWW MAN... i wish i had a resume

Anonymous said...

Kerline and Marlie...you would have to beat me off with a stick not to go to that!!! :)