Thursday, September 6, 2007

CTU IN THE NEWS: Channing Tatum Unwrapped's 'Step Up 2: The Streets' Coverage Highlighted on RopeofSilicon.com

I am happy to say that Channing Tatum Unwrapped earned a little street cred yesterday, when the popular movie news site RopeofSilicon.com mentioned my coverage of Channing Tatum's cameo in 'Step Up 2: The Streets' in one of their articles and also linked to the blog.

I think it's cool, because RopeofSilicon.com usually has news bites from very popular sites like E! Online, TMZ, CBS News, Yahoo News, and yes even the infamous Perez Hilton. So it feels pretty awesome to be listed amongst those type of movie and entertainment news sources, in addition to the fact that it gives Channing and 'Step Up 2: The Streets' even more exposure.

So yeah to Channing Tatum Unwrapped for not only being official, but for also being considered a legitimate movie news source! :-D

Thanks again to all of my wonderful sources on and off set for helping make that happen!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Quishe

U deserve it :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah Quishe! You ROCK! ;-) Congratulamations!!


Anonymous said...

Quishe, we told you that this would happen! You deserve it! Congratulations!

Alex said...

(can't say anything cuz he's too busy dancing around like crazy)


Blog Expert said...

Thanks Everyone!!! :-D