Friday, September 21, 2007

New Personal Pictures of Channing Tatum, Girlfriend Jenna Dewan, and Sister Paige Hanging Out with Family and Friends

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you already know how close Channing Tatum is with his family. Well Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan's good friend Josh (the same Josh who just recently sent us some really awesome new baby pictures of Chan and his sister Paige) just sent me more personal pictures of the couple.

Today's pictures show Channing Tatum, his girlfriend Jenna Dewan and his sister Paige hanging out in a restaurant and at the extremely popular Hollywood hangout Les Deux with friends from Channing's native state of Alabama when they came to visit Chenna and Paige in California. When it comes to young Hollywood, Les Deux is where it’s at. LC and Audrina from MTV's "The Hills" come to this Italian-inspired club all the time and CTU readers get a rare look inside with these great pics.

The last two pictures show Channing and Jenna taking pictures with family and friends when they went back to Alabama to attend a wedding of one of Channing's family members. Enjoy!!!

Channing with Friends and Chan's Sister Paige (Far Right) at LA Hotspot Les Deux

Channing and Jenna with Friends at Restaurant

Channing and Jenna with Friend at Restaurant

Channing and Jenna (Fourth from Right) with Friends and Family at Relative's Wedding in Alabama

Channing with Friends and Family at Relative's Wedding in Alabama

As usual, I want to give a huge thanks to Channing and Jenna for sharing their personal pics with all of us and to Josh for getting the pictures to us on their behalf. Make sure to thank Chenna in the comments on this post and also show Josh some CTU love in the comments and/or in Josh's thread on the forum.

And stay tuned to Channing Tatum Unwrapped, where you are guaranteed to find exclusive and behind-the-scenes Channing Tatum info from his career and personal life!

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Anonymous said...

I can say dis enuff, u da man Josh!! N thanx Chenna sooo much 4 sharin dese wonderful pics wit us, der awesum :)


Anonymous said...

looks like I need to get into Les Deux ... isn't that first picture inside the club? I love seeing personal pictures of Channing/Jenna. thanks Josh!

Anonymous said...

Isnt it so cute how Jenna is sitting on his lap? awww . love them!!! So wait Jenna didnt go to the wedding?

Anonymous said...

I love comming on this site and seeing pix like this, Channing is that goofy cute type a guy lol
I hope Jenna and Channing stay together they are to cute together.

Thanks for this site,