Friday, September 7, 2007

CTU NEWS: Why It Doesn't Pay to Be a Channing Tatum Poser These Days...

Seeing the page to the left with the following message would upset anyone who has not purposely deleted their MySpace profile:

Invalid Friend ID.
This user has either cancelled their membership, or their account has been deleted.

Well, this is a message that some people are going to have to get used to seeing right now or very soon.

Just so you know, this is now my second all time favorite CTU post out of almost 500 articles about Channing Tatum. The first was the one where Chan asked CTU to be his official site (I'll never get tired of that one) and the third is a tie between my resent behind-the-scenes articles on Chan's cameo in 'Step Up 2: The Streets' here and here.

Why is this my second favorite post EVER? Well, it is my pleasure to be the first to tell Channing's fans (and to alert his many posers) that MySpace has officially started deleting approximately 700 Channing Tatum poser profiles. Yes you read that right...700 poser profiles.

The top three worst posers on MySpace had over 65000, 25000, and 3000 friends each. The second and third worst poser profiles have already been deleted and the worst one will be gone very soon (and the other offenders will follow). This by no means will get rid of ALL of the Channing Tatum posers on MySpace, but it will thankfully make a large dent in the problem.

So here's how it all went down...

I have been trying to inform Channing's fans for months now that Channing does NOT have a public MySpace profile where he talks to his fans. Some listened, some didn't. Many had their doubts no matter how much I let them know that everyone in his camp (including Chan) had confirmed that he did not have a public profile where he talks to his fans.

Well, I was contacted last week by an amazing mom of three by the name of Tracey Hamilton who is on a mission to "clean up" MySpace. Her goal is to make it safer for all of us by helping MySpace remove celebrity poser profiles and confirming official celebrity profiles.

Tracey worked tirelessly for two days and found approximately 700 Channing Tatum posers clearly pretending to be him and that is possibly more than even Johnny Depp and Paris Hilton. It’s a great commentary on Chan’s popularity, but it is really not good for his reputation and fans that the poser problem has gotten so bad.

Tracey sent me the 13 page list of posers and I sent it to Chan's mom who quickly sent it to everyone on his team (i.e. publicist, agent, managers). In a matter of days, Chan, his mom, and his team had a promise that all of the posers on the list would be deleted and I am happy to say that MySpace started to make good on that promise today.

So what's the moral of this story?

First and foremost, Channing Tatum does NOT have a public MySpace profile where he talks to his fans (nor does he have a profile on ANY of the other social networking sites).

Also, if you really want to get something done, tell a mom. Mamma Chan Fan (me), Mama Chan (Chan's mom Kay), and Tracey are extremely happy that there are going to be 700 less Channing Tatum posers on MySpace very soon, and we hope that the problem never gets this bad again.

Finally, don't mess with Channing's fans. As long as I am running this site, I am always going to work hard to show Chan that he made the right choice in picking CTU as his official site and that means that I am always going to look out for their best interests because they are fans and because I am lucky enough to call many of them my friends. Anyone who knows me knows that you don't mess with my family and you don't mess with my friends. This MySpace poser clean up is a perfect example of how far I will go to fulfill that promise.

Although the page is run by me and not by Chan, feel free to visit the Channing Tatum Unwrapped profile if you want to give Chan a shout out on MySpace.

This is a proud moment in CTU's eventful, yet short history. Thank you again to Chan, Chan's mom Kay, and to Tracey Hamilton for taking this problem seriously and helping to make the Channing Tatum fan community a safer place for fans around the world.

So if you had someone claiming to be Channing Tatum as a friend on MySpace and they mysteriously disappear off your friends list, you now know exactly why. And as always, if you are concerned about a profile or a person who has contacted you on the instant messaging sites, please email me at posers@channingtatumunwrapped.com and I will try to help you figure out if it is the real Channing or not.


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marli said...

This is definitely good news. Posers have gone bye bye

Tina said...

yea! great news yet again!.. and Thank you so much to Tracey for helping out Quishe and Mama Chan Kay clean up MS with all those Chan posers...

so.. for all those Chan Posers... BE AFRAID... be VERRRRYYY Afraid...

Anonymous said...

YEY!!! KILL 'EM QUISHE!! ;-) You ROCK!! Thanks to Chan and his mom! You're awesome!


Adam (X- Jennas Troup -X) said...

Awww That's so nice Quishe :D


Anonymous said...

WOOHOO, Congrats Quishe, Tracey N Mama Chan Kay.

Posers beta watch out, 3 mums on a mission!!

U messed wit da wrong people!!!


Anonymous said...

Quishe, Tracy and Mrs. Tatum,
Thank you for your tireless work on this. Not only will this make MySpace more responsible, but it might also make it a safer place for our children! This is just a beginning.
Thank you again and Great Job!