Thursday, September 27, 2007

NEWS FLASH: New Channing Tatum Video and Pictures on the Set of 'Fighting' from TMZ.com and Just Jared

There have been lots of reports of paparazzi hanging around Channing Tatum's 'Fighting' set, but until now, we had not seen any pictures released through the various media outlets and all we had were the exclusive pictures I posted on the blog yesterday showing Chan on the set of 'Fighting' filming (thanks again Max!).

Well, what a difference a day makes, because now we have high quality pictures AND video of Channing on the set courtesy of celebrity gossip sites Just Jared and TMZ.com.

Here are the great Just Jared pictures of Channing in the same white t-shirt we saw him in on our photos yesterday and he is flanked by some pretty big guys from the personal training facility that is helping Chan get in shape for the film. Channing is currently training with a New York-based company called Billion Dollar Bodies, Inc. which is run by celebrity personal trainer William J. Harris.

You can click here to view the article and video on TMZ.com or click here to just view the video that shows Channing walking away from the 'Fighting' set with the Billion Dollar Bodies, Inc. trainers who look like they may be doing double duty as body guards. Chan shows up in the video at 1:03 and is on for about 10 seconds. He is friendly as usual with the paparazzi as they ask him how filming is going.

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Anonymous said...

'Its goin man, its goin, 1 piece @ a tym'

Woah, luv it, he's soooooooo hot!!


Anonymous said...

WHOA!!!!! HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do I have more to say????


Anonymous said...

Is it me or does he look really young in these pics? Still hot, but just younger.