Sunday, March 18, 2007

Premiere Magazine Behind-the-Scenes Channing Tatum Photos at Sundance Film Festival

I am always on the hunt for more photos and videos of Channing and I was able to find some behind-the-scenes photos from a Premiere Magazine photoshoot that Channing attended when he was at the Sundance Film Festival last year for his award-winning movie A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.

One of the photos is really interesting to me. As you see below, Channing is wearing glasses. I don't know if they are real glasses or not, but as a self-professed nerd, I can say without a doubt that I think Channing is just about the sexiest "nerd" I have every layed my eyes on. Take a look at the pictures taken before and/or after the photoshoot:

Here are other photos of Channing from some other Sundance Film Festival photoshoots and events:

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dana said...

He's so adorable with the glasses. He looks like such a goof :)


He is SO ADORABLE with glasses! He shold wear them all the time! :P Sosupercute!