Thursday, March 15, 2007

CTU NEWS: Channing Tatum's TV Schedule in the US and the UK

Each week we are going to start posting the dates, times, and channels of upcoming airings of Channing's movies and shows on TV in the US and the UK. This week you can try to catch Channing's movies She's the Man in the US and Coach Carter in the UK.

Next US TV Airings:

Sat. Mar. 176:00 PMMAX She's the Man

Channing Tatum at She's the Man Premiere (2006)

Next UK TV Airings:

Coach Carter (Film)
Starting: 20:00 on Wednesday 21st March. Duration: 2 hours and 11 minutes
Showing on Sky Movies 5. [ Find out what else is on Sky Movies 5 ]

Channing Tatum at Coach Carter Premiere (2005)

Want to know more Channing Tatum movies and TV shows that will be playing in the US and the UK? Click here to get dates, times, and channels.
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