Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Channing Tatum Exciting Birthday Gift Update and the Accidental Interview

OK CTU readers, I have to tell you all about the cool and unexpected experience I had when I was planning for Channing’s birthday gift. Everyone seems to really like the birthday gift idea and I have been trying to pick which Channing picture I want to use for the photo mosaic.

I really liked the photo shoot he recently did for Entertainment Weekly, so I contacted Randall Slavin, the photographer, to see if he had any prints that I may be able to use. You probably think its crazy that I would even try to contact a well-known photographer, but when I am on a mission to get something I want, celebrity photographer or not, I will do anything it takes to get the job done.

In case you are not familiar with Randall Slavin, he is an amazing, extremely talented, and popular celebrity photographer who has photographed practically everyone who is hot in Hollywood, including Channing Tatum's future costar in Battle in Seattle, Charlize Theron, and the writer and director of Battle in Seattle, Stuart Townsend. Here are some of Randall's beautiful pictures of celebrities:

(Channing Tatum, Charlize Theron, Stuart Townsend, Christina Ricci,
Eva Longoria, Rachel Bilson, Fergie)
Source: RandallSlavin.com

To be honest with you, I expected to hear back from one of his “people” or to not hear back at all, but instead he actually emailed me himself from his Blackberry. When I told him what I was doing, here is what Randall (yes we are on a first name basis now) said about the gift idea and Channing without me even asking:

Awwww. That's very sweet. Channing was super cool and down to earth. I'm very flattered, however, I am legally bound to my syndicator and am not allowed to sell or distribute anything on my own. So sorry. I wish I could help.
Good luck,

And then he followed that up with this statement after I thanked him for replying back to me:

Very cool cat. Very sweet. Loves his gf [girlfriend].

OK how SWEET is that!!!! I don't know if Jenna was with him on the photo shoot or not, but whatever Randall saw or heard was so memorable that he felt compelled to share that with me. We all thought that Jenna was lucky before, but I am now certain that she did something really good in a past life like cure the bubonic plague or something and karma is paying her back ten-fold with Channing.

What sucks is that Randall's photo syndicator only works with the likes of British Vogue, Arena, The Telegraph, German Max, Bunte, Der Spiegel, The London Sunday Express, FHM, Empire Magazine, Esquire, Vanity Fair, Total Film, Scotland on Sunday, Cine, Premiere, InStyle, People, Interview, GQ, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Time, Bazaar, Entertainment Weekly, Paris Match, Amica, Elle, Harpers & Queen. Yada Yada Yada...

So what that means is that since I am not a professional magazine, I can’t use his photos for the mosaic. But there is always a silver lining if you look hard enough...it was still really cool to be able to talk with someone who has worked directly with Channing in my first unofficial, unexpected, and completely unplanned interview.

Randall Slavin is not only a talented photographer, but like Channing, he is also a really cool, down-to-earth guy. And don't worry, I am pretty sure I have figured out which photo I am going to use. It may not be a Slavin print, but I am in talks with another photograper that worked with Channing at the beginning of his career. You will definitely recognize the photo and maybe even the photographer, and it will look absolutely amazing in the mosaic!

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