Sunday, March 4, 2007

CTU SNEAK PEEK: Exclusive Battle in Seattle Gift to CTU from MovieSet.com

No this adorable little 6 year old is NOT Channing Tatum when he was a little boy, although I am sure he was almost as cute. This actually is one of my beautiful little boys (aka Bry) sporting the AWESOME limited edition Battle in Seattle production crew cap that Clay over at MovieSet.com so graciously sent me. Since Bry is such a cutey, I figured you wouldn't mind that Channing was not in this one picture.

The exclusive cap was given to the production crew of Channing Tatum's movie Battle in Seattle. The inset shows Bry with his "tough guy face" and the back of the cap.

I am totally giddy right now, because I have never owned anything that was part of an actual movie before. And if you can include an inanimate object in the whole six degrees of Kevin Bacon game between me and Channing Tatum, then my cap was intended for a person who worked on Channing's movie Battle in Seattle and one or more of those people worked with Channing Tatum.

You know someone had to film him, feed him via craft services, hold the boom above his head, do his makeup, help him get into and out of his riot gear :-), wipe the sweat off his brow, and an assortment of other jobs I wish I had on Channing's set.

I am not totally sure, but that seems like four degrees of separation from me to Channing Tatum, [me-->>cap-->>production crew person-->>Channing]. That's as close as I've ever been to the uber hot actor, so I'll take it.

So why is this a Channing Tatum Unwrapped Sneak Peek? Well, Clay told me that you too may have a chance to win one of these exclusive caps from MovieSet.com and Battle in Seattle. MovieSet.com is thinking about giving away another cap to Battle in Seattle fans soon. So as usual, stay tuned to Channing Tatum Unwrapped to learn when you may be able to get your very own exclusive piece of movie history.

Also, since I just received such a cool gift from MovieSet.com, I think it is a perfect day to announce our next CTU fan giveaway contest. Check back later today to see how you can enter and win!!!

Now, you will have to excuse me, because I have to go hermetically seal my cap, since my son's extremely handsome and equally smart little nogin is the last head it will EVER be placed on. ;-)

[Click here to learn more about Channing Tatum's upcoming movie Battle in Seattle.]


dana said...

What wouldn't I give to see a picture of Channing in that age. You think he was a blond kid and his hair got darker with age? Do you think he already had that scar under his eye in this age? How did he get it anyway? There is so much we still need to find out about him...

Blog Expert said...

I know! I would love to get a picture of him as a rough and tumble little boy. I think he moved from Alabama to Mississippi at 6 and I am sure there are a ton of little league football pics of Channing from those days too. From what I have read, he got the scar in a fight when he was a teenager, but the only person who really knows the true origin is Channing. One of the many questions on my on-going list for him.