Monday, March 5, 2007

Channing Tatum Pictures of the Week

Each week Channing Tatum Unwrapped will post one or more of our favorite pictures of the uber hot Channing Tatum.

Here is another great shot from Fabulous Channing Tatum Fan Dana B. and here is what Dana has to say about this adorable picture of our favorite couple Chenna at a press conference in Rome, Italy in December of 2006:

I love every picture of Chan and Jenna together, they make such a cute couple. But I love this one because our boy looks SO in love with Jenna it just makes me smile everytime I look at it.

It goes without saying, but I think that Channing and Jenna make such a beautiful couple. It's the hopeless romantic in me that just melts everytime I see them together. It should be a sin or something to have that much beauty and talent in one place. I hope they are as happy as they always look together.

I fyou like the photo, then you will really like the video of the video of the press conference. Click here to watch it!

Thanks again for sending another great pic, Dana!

If you have a favorite picture that you would like us to consider, send the picture to potw@channingtatumunwrapped.com and tell us why you like it. We will post it and your explanation on the blog. If you like or don't like the picture (for some completely insane reason), let us know that too. :-)

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