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Channing Tatum Voted Best Prom Date

Here is a picture of Channing Tatum looking kind of prom date-ish at the 16th Annual Gotham Awards presented by Independent Film Project (IFP) on November 29, 2006 in New York City where he was nominated for Breakthrough Actor for his gritty role as Antonio in the award-winning movie A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.

Prom season is rapidly approaching and I am sure that some of my readers are already hunting for the perfect dress, hairstyle, and date at this point. In today's New Jersey-based Express-Times, they posted an article about the best and worst prom dates chosen by students. I think you can guess which side of that list Channing Tatum fell on.

Here is the article with Channing's part highlighted:

Best and Worst of Prom Dates

Students pick dream companions for big night.
Sunday, April 22, 2007

Face it: you may forget a lot about high school but you're always going to remember your prom date.

So some staff members from Expressions -- the group of high school students who publish their own section in The Express Times every other week -- selected their dream prom dates and their nightmare prom dates.

Jamie Boderc

"It's what Lincoln would have watched," says the slogan of my hero's show and first choice prom date.

But, Lincoln's not the only one watching.

After several firsthand girl fights and heated declarations of love later, it's clear that Stephen Colbert of "The Colbert Report" is the perfect man. In Nov. 2006, he was even named one of the sexiest men alive by People Magazine.

Colbert is extremely funny, oddly political, always well dressed and has his own Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor: "Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream."

But, that is not why he would be the perfect prom date -- or is unquestionably the perfect man.

After making a guest appearance on "The O'Reilly Factor" in Jan. 2007, Colbert stole a microwave from the Fox News studio and later taunted O'Reilly with it on "The Colbert Report." Anyone who steals microwaves from Fox News for entertainment value must be the perfect prom date.

And the worst?

Bill O'Reilly does seem a likely candidate. But, teen pop culture was able to supply an even better one.

Fall Out Boy, -- any member of the band -- would be the worst prom date ever.

To start with, they have that attempted debonair name: Fall Out Boy.

Which means a boy who falls out? Out of what? Talent? But, you see there is a method to their disgruntled noises.

First, they order a large amount of balloons, a lot of balloons, the finest balloons. The balloons are of course filled with helium which they swallow to ruin any natural singing ability they might actually have. Then they get a bit drunk. OK, a lot drunk, and complain about their non-existent love lives.

This is then tape recorded. Later on the tape is adapted with even more high pitched vocals of none other than umpa loompas. Music is then randomly added into the background by a half-broken Windows 95 computer.

And there you have it: a single Fall Out Boy song. So, because no one should support helium overdose, or umpa loompa exploitation,

Fall Out Boy should be ranked on everyone's list as the worst prom date ever.

Shikha Saxena

Channing Tatum, who plays Tyler Gage in the movie "Step Up" is the ideal prom date.

Not only is he popular and outgoing, but he is an amazing dancer. I would never pass up the chance to go to prom and show him off to the crowd.

Besides serving as my arm candy, he would also be perfect eye candy! An Abercrombie & Fitch model, Tatum's hot body and smile would make all my prom pictures worth a million.

The most embarrassing prom date would be Steve Urkel, played by Jaleel White, from "Family Matters."

The classic example of a nerd, Steve Urkel routinely dresses in hiked up pants and suspenders. In a prom setting, his geeky fashion would be quite a contrast to the stylish tuxes.

I can just picture Urkel greeting my friends with a freaky smile and high-pitched voice. He'd flap his arms to the music, unknowingly whacking everyone in the head. Not exactly someone I want to be responsible for!

Allison Koch

My dream prom date would definitely have to be Emile Hirsch. Ever since I saw him in the movie "Lords of Dogtown" I've been somewhat obsessed.

Taking him to prom would be like a Cinderella story come true. Even though he's not that well-known, I'm sure all the girls, and maybe even some of the guys, would be jealous, since he's so amazingly good-looking. Going to prom with Emile would definitely make my prom experience one to remember.

On the other hand, going to prom with a guy like John Mayer would be a total drag.

Not only would our height difference be totally awkward, considering he's so gargantuanly tall, but he's old enough to be my uncle.

Plus, risking the chance to have one of his songs, like the ever-so-cheesy "Your Body's a Wonderland," end up playing and having all eyes on us would be embarrassing. I would have rather taken my chances going alone.

Chad Lear

My ideal prom date would have to be one of our favorite "Friends," Jennifer Aniston.

She has all of the standards that qualify her to accompany me to my high school prom. Her body is slender and fit, but her wallet is fat. Her beauty is timeless, but her style is contemporary.

My absolute worst prom date would have to be Nancy Pelosi.

She is aging, stern, and did I say aging?

And how would I explain to my friends why my date is wearing a nicer suit to prom than I am?

I want to go with a hot celebrity, not a CNN regular!

Kenneth Hunt

I think that the best celebrity prom date should be smart and pretty. I decided to pick Jessica Biel because she is both of these things.

She has created an organization that helps people that need rehab at home. She also attended college and acting school. Biel was also voted one of the prettiest women in the world by several magazines. By taking Biel to the prom all of my friends would be jealous.

On the other hand I think the worst prom date would be Condoleezza Rice.

She is very smart but it seems if you would say anything that was not right she would correct you and do it in a mean way. She is the Secretary of State so if I would take her to the prom her mind would be on other things like the war in Iraq. She is a nice person but would be a horrible prom date.


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