Monday, November 5, 2007

NEWS FLASH: New Movie Release for Channing Tatum's Girlfriend Jenna Dewan

Here's a gorgeous photo of Channing Tatum's real-life girlfriend Jenna Dewan at the 2006 Teen Choice Awards. Chan was not able to attend this particular event with Jenna, because I believe he was in the middle of filming his movie 'Stop-Loss'. Even in his absence, Chan still managed to win the Choice Breakout (Male) award for his role in 'She's the Man'.

Since so many Channing Tatum fans (including me) are also fans of his girlfriend, Jenna Dewan, I like to post news about her too whenever I run across it.

Today I learned that Jenna's next movie, 'Love Lies Bleeding', will be released on DVD very soon. You can read the article below to get all of the release details.

Explosive Thriller 'Love Lies Bleeding' Comes to DVD in January
By M&C News Nov 5, 2007, 13:28 GMT

From Sony Pictures Home Entertainment comes the gritty and suspenseful Love Lies Bleeding on January 15th for the suggested retail price of $24.96.

This suspense thriller stars Christian Slater (Bobby, Hollow Man II), Jenna Dewan (The Grudge 2, Step Up) and Brian Geraghty (I Know Who Killed Me, When A Stranger Calls) in a film that follows a corrupt government force out to reclaim a bundle of stolen money from a young couple who are on the run.


After a shootout in their apartment building, a young couple stumbles upon a cache of dirty money. Grabbing the cash, the two flee in search of a better life. Unbeknownst to them, their newfound wealth is the property of a crooked DEA agent (Slater), who will stop at nothing to reclaim what is his. What ensues is a story of corruption chasing the corrupt. An investigative detective gets caught up in the chase and begins to suspect foul play. His mission: to discover the truth before it is too late.

Special Features:
  • 16 Deleted Scenes and Alternate Scenes
  • Alternate Ending

That's not the only film Jenna has in the works. Just like Chan, she has been really busy with her projects....

Jenna just wrapped filming the romantic thriller 'My Life' (aka 'Out of the Bronx' or 'Wonderfall') where she stars opposite Andrew Cisneros. This New York-based film is currently in post-production.

Chan also told me that she is also currently filming 'The Six Wives of Henry Lefay' with Tim Allen and Jenna Elfman in Connecticut. The comedy is about a grieving daughter that tries to arrange her father's funeral, while putting up with all of his ex-wives.

Both 'My Life' and 'The Six Wives of Henry Lefay' are set to release some time in 2008, but make sure to buy or rent Jenna's next movie, 'Love Lies Bleeding', when it hits the stores January 15, 2008!

Source: DVD.Monstersandcritics.com

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