Friday, November 2, 2007

NEWS FLASH: Check Out Channing Tatum in the October/November 2007 Issue of M Magazine

Channing Tatum is featured in a "Where are they now?" article in the new October/November 2007 issue of M Magazine, which is a popular US-based teen magazine.

The article highlights Chan's ever-growing list of current and upcoming projects and it even talks about his real-life girlfriend Jenna Dewan.

Below you can read the entire article and view the high-quality scans from M Magazine.

Where are they now?
These hotties have been MIA! Leave it to M to discover where they've been hiding!

Chan: Making Mucho Movies

Channing Tatum is leading one busy life right now! He's got a ton of movies in the works, including 'Battle in Seattle', 'The Trap', 'Stop Loss', 'The Stanford Prison Experiment', and even a few untitled flicks. Phew! We've also recently heard that he and GF Jenna Dewan are still going strong. (They began dating in 2006 on the set of 'Step Up'.) Our inside sources have spotted them out and about together all over the place, including the premiere of 'Hairspray', co-starring 'She's the Man' bud Amanda Bynes, Looks like Channing is never too busy to be there for a friend! Can't wait to see his face on the big screen again!
Here are the high-quality article scans:

Although I think Chan and Jenna may have been dating since 'Step Up' wrapped in 2005, the article is pretty accurate on all other fronts. Chan has a ton of upcoming projects, and we all can't wait to see him in each and every last one of them.

Channing's "Now" picture in the article was taken at the Celebrity Grand Slam Paddle Jam Benefiting St. Jude Children's Hospital charity event that Chan attended with Jenna this past May. Jenna has been a big supporter of the charity for years. You can CLICK HERE to check out all of the pictures of Chan and Jenna at the event.

The "Then" picture is a photo of Channing behind the scenes at Nautica's 2003 Men's Fall Fashion Show. You can CLICK HERE to see even more pictures of Chan modeling for Nautica before he began his acting career.

Thanks to Fabulous Channing Tatum Fan Kerline for the heads up on Channing's appearance in this month's M Magazine.

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